5 Bathroom Essentials for a Hostess

Have you ever been to a dinner party or a friend’s house for a gathering only to find that their bathroom is full of that “smell?” Maybe it is mold, but who really knows? After you were done doing your business at the home, did you find there was no toilet tissue left? In addition to having a clean bathroom, here are five things that every host and hostess must have in their bathroom for a successful party:

Toilet Paper

The most important thing that you can have in a bathroom is toilet paper. If all else fails, be sure to have a full roll on the rack before your party starts and an extra roll or two under the sink so that your guests can find some in the bathroom should the regular roll run out. Also, before a party, be sure you have purchased soft toilet tissue versus the cheap brands that feel like sandpaper.


Do you really want your friends, family, and possibly co-workers thinking that you do not wash your hands after using the bathroom? Guests will know that, if you have a clean bathroom and a healthy dose of soap near the sink, you care about keeping germs away. This will tell your guests that you care about cleanliness and safety from germs.

Facial Tissues

Sure, we can always use toilet paper for a tissue, but your guests will feel that you are cheap if your choice for them is toilet paper over a real facial tissue. Not only do people use facial tissue to blow their noses during cold and allergy season, they may use them to clean up make-up smudges so they can feel better about their appearance and themselves at your party. This will surely create a better party atmosphere.


A rug is much more comfortable to stand on than tile or hardwood floors. Place a nice rug in front of your sink. Granted, if you were wearing shoes, it would not matter. However, since guests will be using your bathroom during the party, they will likely either be in their socks or barefoot. Save your friends from having to step out on the cold floor by placing a rug on the floor.

Decorative, Stylish Shower Curtain

You want to show that you care about your own cleanliness and personal hygiene. A fancy shower curtain is not necessary, but a stylish one that is clean can say a lot about the bathroom and its owner. If there is a nice looking shower curtain in the room, it shouts that you are not cheap and that you care about the place where you clean yourself up everyday before going out into the world.

Keep these things in mind next time you are planning a party in your home.