5 Automotive Gift Ideas for Dad

Do you need a gift idea for your father this Father’s Day? Well, is your Dad a car guy? Does he love to drive? Is he always in the garage tinkering with his car? Is he obsessed with how his car looks? Then here is a list of five automotive gifts ideas for dad. Just in time for Father’s Day!

Price Range: Affordable $ to Expensive $$$$

$ Vintage (or Modern) Model Cars.
Can’t buy your Dad a real car? Then buy him the next best thing. A replica! For around $50 you can get a diecast metal model car. Whether its a nostalgic model from your fathers youth, a fantasy car, or just his favorite model. These die-cast metal models are made from real metal which gives them a more authentic look. They are fun and easy to assemble, so it will not only be a thoughtful gift, but if you put it together for your Father it will be a gift you made him also! Either way any car guy would love a model car. It’ll take him back to his youth. Model cars never go out of style

$$ Car Detailing Package.
If your Dad is a car buff than he must be a fanatic about keeping his ride clean. What better than a Car Detailing Package for a Father’s Day gift? Deatailing consists of a thorough cleaning of the car, inside and out. The exterior paint is cleaned, waxed, and finally a protectant wax is applied. The interior of the car also gets a sleek shine, as does the wheels and tires. Costs can range from around $60 – $150 depending on what package you get. Check yahoo local www.local.yahoo.com for a car detailer near you.

$$-$$$ Satellite Radio.
If your Dad spends a lot of time in or around his car than satellite radio is a no-brainer. Satellite radio offers commercial free music, talk radio, comedy, sports radio, and much more! They even offer a NASCAR station for the car buff who’s also a racing fan. Subscriptions for Sirius or XM Radio rang from $12.95 to $16.99 a month. If he doesn’t already have a satellite radio, you can buy a Sirius satellite radio for around $60 bucks online.

$$$ A Trip To Racing School.
Racing schools are a great idea for anyone who loves cars and loves to drive. During each session, depending on which packages you purchase, your Dad could learn to drive a dragster, a stock race car, even an formula race car. There are racing schools all over the country so it shouldn’t be hard to find one near you. Drag Racing Lessons range from a ride along with an instructor for $149 to 3 solo runs around the track for $499. If the school is more than a few miles away, throw in a one-night stay at a local hotel and you just gave you father the weekend of a lifetime!

$$$$ Restored Gas Pump
This is a pretty pricy gift, but if your father is a real car guy, he’ll LOVE it! So if you have the money, or a few brothers and sisters to chip in, check out a Restored Antique Gas Pump. Antique Gas Pumps are free standing structures that were actually used to pump gas years ago, now they’re a very popular collector’s item for their nostalgic look and feel. The antique pieces are cleaned up and restored to the original look, just the way they did when they were actually pumping gas. The average price is about $2,000, but with a little searching you may be able to find one cheaper. Your Father will be floored, especially if he’s into antique cars, so it will be worth it!