5 April Fools: Hollywood’s Funniest Actors in Upcoming Movies

April Fools’ Day is almost here, and fans of the hilarious holiday will be able to enjoy it all month long as some of Hollywood’s funniest actors appear in comedies all throughout April. Here’s a look at the “fools” and the upcoming movies that they’re starring in:

James Marsden in “Hop”

This former Versace model went from playing a superhero in the “X-Men” movies (he played Cyclops) to playing a prince trying to be a hero in “Enchanted.” Some of his other comedic turns include his role as TV show host Corny Collins in “Hairspray” and as Katherine Heigl’s love interest in the rom-com “27 Dresses.” Up next Marsden will be looking for more laughs as a slacker named Fred who injures the Easter Bunny, allowing the wascally wabbit to shack up at his place while he recovers. Unfortunately, adorable E.B. turns out to be the world’s worst houseguest, and Fred is forced to help the bunny with dreams of becoming a drummer save Easter from a power-crazed chick (not their costar Kaley Cuoco — an actual fluffy, feathery chick). Another fool on this list lends his voice to the would-be Easter bunny in this movie that fittingly hits theaters on April Fools’ Day, but more on him in a minute.

Rainn Wilson in “Super”

This movie also hits theaters in very limited release on April 1 in NY and LA before going into wider release on April 8. It stars everybody’s favorite beet farmer from “The Office,” a man who has had many April Fools’ Day-style pranks played on him by coworker Jim, as a self-styled, “Kick-Ass”-ish superhero who calls himself Crimson Bolt. Rainn’s character Frank decides to become a crimefighter when his ex-wife (Liv Tyler) stars dating a drug dealer (Kevin Bacon). The low-budget movie also stars “Inception” cutie Ellen Page as his trusty sidekick Boltie. Rainn wields a pipe wrench as a weapon, while Ellen sports a pair of pretty deadly-looking Wolverine-like claws in a still from the film. “Super” definitely looks super-violent (but also super-funny!).

Russell Brand in “Arthur”

In addition to voicing the Easter Bunny, Brand will be playing spoiled playboy Arthur in this remake of the 1981 comedy. Arthur is given two choices: he must marry an unlikeable socialite (Jennifer Garner) to continue his lavish lifestyle or learn to be a working man to marry the girl of his dreams (Greta Gerwig). His situation might seem pretty hopeless, but at least his nanny (Helen Mirren) is around to help him out. Hopefully Katy Perry doesn’t get too jealous seeing her April fool share the screen with three amazing women on April 8.

Danny McBride in “Your Highness”

This April 8 movie will take viewers back to the days when one of royalty’s biggest forms of entertainment were actual fools — the kind that acted foolish for laughs. However, funnyman McBride will be starring as a different kind of fool — a spoiled prince named Thadeus who spends his days chasing loose maidens and smoking wizards’ weed. Meanwhile, his brother Fabious (McBride’s “Pineapple Express” costar James Franco) is an adventurous prince whose latest journey involves rescuing his kidnapped bride-to-be (Zooey Deschanel). Much like Brand’s character Arthur, Thadeus is given an ultimatum — join his brother in doing something heroic for once, or get cut off from his family fortune. Along the way the brothers are joined by a warrior woman (Natalie Portman) that might just be more deadly than the brothers combined. So will McBride prove that he’s leading man material in this medieval comedy? Check it out on April 8 to see if he’s on his way to becoming comedy royalty.

David Arquette in “Scream 4”

Here’s one of the biggest off-screen fools starring in an April movie. This actor didn’t respect his ex after their separation last year, calling radio shows to talk about their sex life and partying way too hard before giving rehab a go. However, the two will be seen together again in this horror movie infused with a little comedy. “Scream 4” will reportedly poke fun at the “Saw” movie franchise with a slew of new victims for Ghostface to target. But Courtney and David fans shouldn’t despair — this movie might not be the last time the two are spotted together. Cox has recently defended David’s bad behavior, and the two have been photographed spending time together. However, there’s always the possibility that April 15 might be the last time they appear with each other onscreen — there’s no telling who Ghostface will take down this time.

So from the fools who make us laugh to fools that need to clean up their act off-camera, hopefully these actors’ upcoming movies keep April Fools’ Day lovers laughing all month long (movies are much safer ways to celebrate the holiday than playing dangerous pranks on family members or coworkers).

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