5 Actors to Watch

Most actors in the beginning of their career start out in independent cinema (indies).Earning their stripes along the way till they get that breakthrough role that will give them mainstream recognition.

A prime example of an indie actor getting that recognition is Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Before his days in blockbusters like Inception and GI Joe, he was working the indie film circuit like no other.

Gordon-Levitt carved out a solid niche in independent cinema. His indies include films like Manic (2001), Mysterious Skin (2004) and Brick (2005). The people that did see his films gave him praise and positive reviews for his performances.

For Gordon-Levitt those days may unfortunately be ending as his projects are becoming more mainstream. So now we are looking for actors that are working the indie circuit and might end up in Gordon-Levitt position soon.

James Duval

A hardworking actor who’s been in big films (Gone in sixty seconds, Independence Day), he lacks recognition and therefore still works the indie circuit like a pro. He’s been in smaller films like Donnie Darko, SLC Punks! and The Art of Travel. He can be seen in Greg Araki’s KABOOM which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival (2010). Although KABOOM still lacks a quality release, having your work shown at the most prestigious film festival in the world is a mayor plus .

Russ Russo
In the past Russo was already named ‘”Indie Actor to Watch” by Film Threat Magazine. Since then Russo moved from New York to Los Angeles to get a better grip on his acting career. Which seems to be working for him. He currently has about a handful of projects in production. One of which is “Into the Darkness” starring Twilight’s Kiowa Gordon and Mischa Barton. Russo has an overwhelming resume and this might be exactly what he needs, starring alongside stars.

Vincent van Ommen
He starred in the thriller “Life is an Art” which was screened at the Cannes Film Festival (2010), giving him international exposure. He also stars in “A Morass” alongside Alessandro Giuggioli (Me and Orson Welles). A film made under Shane Meadows’s five day feature film initiative. His looks seem to shift somewhere between leading man potential and mysterious villain. A great look to have as an actor and if guided well might make him a serious contender to end up in mainstream cinema.

Joshua Fredric Smith
Almost the classical handsome actor. This might be an advantage but could also backfire. Looking at his resume he seems to be somewhat aware of this and might be deliberately steering towards drama driven films. Smith stars in the indie drama ”The Road to Freedom”, a film which tackles the war history in Cambodia. He also stars in the bigger budget DAM999 which pays tribute to the Banqiao Dam disaster in China.

Jay Sutherland
This UK actor only has a few shorts under his belt but has been landing roles in 4 feature films currently in production and a few more coming up. He will star in ‘”The 4th Reich” alongside Sean Pertwee (Doomsday, Dog Soldiers) and maybe up for “Grace & Danger” with Tom Felton. Sutherland shows promise as an actor.

Contrary to popular believe; actors usually have to work hard for years and years prior to becoming an overnight success. Hopefully we can see any of these fine actors move from Indiewood to Hollywood soon.

* See actors photo’s on the right.