4th of July

Its 4th of July, not a cloud in the sky even with a telescope looking miles away. It feels like the sun is starring its bald head right down on our cookout, it must have just gotten out the shower too with all the moister in the air. Albeit, its a perfect day for a cookout and my parents have invited family and friends to devour on some honey BBQ ribs, Angus burgers with bread&butter pickles, grilled hot dogs (instead of the boiled tasting hot dogs I buy from Sonic), and many more food that I wish to explain but my mind is all on the juicy watermelon my uncle is cutting.

I invite Wilmur to come over to do the fireworks. He threw a fireworks party last year for his little brother’s birthday and it was awesome, those kids thought they were at Disney World. As the sunsets and everybody is relaxing, having casual conversations, and some having hilarious drunk conversations; Wilmur takes out his trunk full of fireworks that actually looks like a bunch of explosives that can tear apart this small city. A few fireworks set off in the bland night and sparks life, bright colors of blue, red, yellow, green, white, all streaming together and vanishes into thin air. Everybody is standing in awe, their eyes fascinated on the manic rainbows of color.

Until one of Wilmur’s fireworks are not placed in the ground properly and takes off towards my neighbor’s home. Everyone scatters into a frenzy. Parents grabbing children and the drunkards are pointing fingers at each other screaming ‘I didn’t do it.’ Next thing I know our neighbor’s roof is on fire and everyone looks too astonish to make a courageous move. I glance at Wilmur to see if he has some action in his eyes, since he’s the cause of the fire, but all I see is that Wilmur is on the verge of tears and as frighten as the others. I guess I’m the only one conscious enough to make a move.

Its been a while since I ran track in junior high but now I’m a senior in high school I see I still have the legs. I sprint down two houses to reach the burning roof. By now almost the whole neighborhood is looking out their doors at the smoke and to my surprise I don’t think anyone has thought about calling the police. I frantically knock on the door to see if anyone’s home. A beautiful girl walks out onto the porch holding an old woman’s hand. She looks about my age, her dark brown hair swaying in the midnight breeze. She doesn’t look too frightened as I thought a person should be. Instead, she merely looks curious, wish I could say the same for the old woman who’s hand is shaking in the girl’s firm grip.

“Did someone set our roof on fire?” Her voice sounding stern.

“Um, yeah, but not intentionally, we were setting off fireworks and one wasn’t set off right and flew into your roof.” I swing my hand in my direction. “Please come out into the street where its safe.”

The girl takes her granny’s hand and come out to where I’m standing.

“Don’t worry the firefighters are on their way.” Assuming someone dialed 911 by now.

The girl looks at me attentively, her expression saying that the police should have been here already. I give her a slight smile and she turns her gaze back to the roof.

“Whats your name?”

She looks at me like this boy is really trying to have a conversation right now. “Who are you?”

“I’m John, I live two houses across the street from here, I saw where the firework landed and ran here to see if anyone was in the house.”

“Are you the one who set our roof on fire?” Her tone accelerating in anger.

“No, my friend Wilmur did, it was an accident though, he set the firework in the ground wrong.”

“So why is he not here helping us?”

“I guess he’s too shocked like the rest of the people around here.”

She looks one more time at the roof and then back at me. “I’m Sarah, this is my granny Margaret.” Her granny still starring at the fire, she looks too worried for an introduction but can I blame her?

The cops, firefighters, and the ambulance all pull up at once, along with Wilmur running behind them. “Is everybody all right?” Wilmur asked.

“Yeah man they’re fine, what took you so long?”

“I don’t know man, I was just scared and”-

“Don’t worry about it man, everybody is safe and it was just an accident.”

Wilmur takes a deep breath and his expression goes from tensed to ease.

The firefighters put out the fire and said that the repairs would be minor but recommends that they stay at someone else’s house for the night for safety. The police gets the report and nobody goes to jail tonight.

A week later I’m sitting on the porch relaxing. Another beautiful summer day with less humidity. I sit outside for about 30 minutes and as I’m about to walk back in I hear a car stop in front of my house. A red Ford Mustang is parked in the of my house. The windows are tinted and I can’t think of anyone I know with a hot car like that.

“Hey, sorry about your roof again.”

“It’s okay, we’re staying at my aunts house and the roof will be fixed within a month.”

“Thats good. Um, I don’t think I ever got your name.”

“Sarah.” She said smiling and placing her hair behind her ear.

“So um, if there is anything I can do to help I’ll glad to.”

“You can take me out to dinner sometime.”

A shy smile forms on John’s face. “Um, yeah, sure, I would love to take you out to dinner sometime. Um, how about this Friday?”

“Friday is good.” Sarah said with one leg crossed in front of the other.

“How about I pick you up at seven?”

“Hmm, I can do seven. Don’t be late….John” Sarah walks down the sidewalk and looks back once with a wink at John.”

John smiles as he watches Sarah stroll down the sidewalk until she disappears around the corner.