4th of July Potluck Ideas

The celebration of our independence typically involves family, and good food. If you have been asked to contribute a dish to a 4th of July potluck dinner, here are just a few ideas of crowd pleasing options.

Since July is such a hot time, and many 4th of July potluck dinners take place outdoors, think light. Cole slaw is a nice option. Instead of the heavy mayonnaise version, try a lighter version with a splash of vinegar, a little lime juice, some celery seed, and a teaspoon or so of sugar to balance it out.

Potato salad is a staple at many 4th of July potluck dinners. However, this too can be lightened up by using less mayonnaise, and more mustard. If the potluck dinner you are attending will indeed be outdoors, be sure to keep potato salad, and any other mayonnaise based dishes on ice to prevent spoilage.

A nice mixed salad makes a great 4th of July potluck addition. Most people do not think to bring a salad, and you likely will not run the risk of bringing the same dish as someone else. You can make the salad as fancy, or as simple as you want. Just be sure to not put it together to the last minute, and take along at least one type of salad dressing to go along with it.

A cold pasta salad is another option. There are many different varieties available at your local grocery store, but this is a dish that is easy to make at home. Start with a multi-colored pasta. Cook the pasta, being careful not to overcook it. When it is done, drain it, and let it cool completely in the refrigerator. Add Italian salad dressing, a few black olives, some Parmesan cheese, and you’re done.

If you are asked to bring a dessert, consider a bowl of mixed fruit. Not only is this light, but is extremely tasty and is also visually appealing. With so many fruits in season during the summer, there should be a nice variety of many different fruits at your local market.

The ingredients for a do-it-yourself strawberry shortcake is another fine idea, especially if you are short on time. A store bought pound cake, or angel food cake, sliced strawberries, and whipped topping are all that you need to make this classic.

I have listed a few of the major recipes website links under sources below. All of them have wonderful 4th of July potluck dinner ideas. While friends and family are the most important thing, bringing a potluck dish that everyone will love will help make the day complete.

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