4 Websites that Make Using Twitter More Enjoyable

Back in the day you signed up for a Twitter account, right? You replaced the image of that white egg to show an adorable, smiling picture of you, and followed a few businesses and friends. As the days and weeks went by, you began with a few followers. Then you followed more tweeps and sent out engaging tweets, which earned you even more followers.

Pretty soon you found you were ruler of a mini-Twitter village. You found yourself spending several hours on the site, checking out each tweet, retweet, and reply. After a while maybe it all got to be too much. You felt like it was becoming a major time suck, instead of the fun it was when you were first drawn in to the site in the first place.

Perhaps all you need to make it fun again is to make it less complicate. After all, Twitter isn’t rocket science, you know. Try out one or more of these websites, you may just find your way back to writing what’s happening in 140 characters in no time.


Twitter has around nineteen background designs, but most feature stars, trees, or birds. That’s all well and good, if you into trees, birds and stars. But what if you’re a doctor, a baker, or a candlestick maker? Why not try out a background that’s more suited to who you are and what you do?

Twitrbackgrounds has over 100 free backgrounds from which you can choose. Their site is divided into categories for easy searching, and they can even make you a custom background for you blog, site or business. For a free background, simply type in your Twitter user-name and password, and decide if you want to follow their site. Custom backgrounds are $89.


Let’s say hypothetically, that you want to be sure to wish your VIP client a happy birthday, but his birthday is the day after the Thanksgiving. And you plan to spend all of Thanksgiving weekend up at and Grandma’s, where there’s no internet access (gasp), and hardly any signal on your iphone.

Well just for you, the good people at Twaitter have granted you the ability to schedule your tweets. You can even send out recurring tweets, to continually awe tweeps with your genius. Twaitter also offers a myriad of tools, including a translator with over 30 languages. “Tjekke dem ud” or check them out.


Sometimes it’s tough to fit a good Will Rogers quote into 140 characters. Or your reaction to last nights episode of The Amazing Race, or Dancing With The Stars for that matter. Point is, sometimes you just need more room.

TwitLonger can give you the space to write as long a sentence as you want. Sign in with Twitter, write your comments, and click post. Voila, your tweet will be posted. Then when folks click on the continue link, they will be taken to Twitlonger where they will have the option to retweet you.


You may have a Twitter account for your business, one for your church, one for your mom’s knitting blog, and one for your great uncle’s ice cream emporium. How are you supposed to keep all of those accounts straight, not to mention remember all there separate usernames and passwords.

Never fear Twitter citizen, Splitweet is here! With this site, you can post to all of your accounts within one dashboard. You can even type in your busines or brands name, and see what’s being tweeted about you. Besides who can resist those cute little purple ninjas on their home page?

Hopefully one or all of these sites will help you manage your Twitter account with ease, and make tweeting more enjoyable. Because after all, if social media sites are anything at all, they should be fun. Not a chore or a bore, but pure old time wasting, and addicting if you’re not careful, fun.