4 Ways to Save on Moving Expenses

As a college student, I have found out what a pain moving 200 miles is (I can’t imagine 2,000 miles), and I am currently trying to put together a move for myself and three others into our first rental.

It’s not easy.

And it certainly isn’t cheap. I have found several places though to cut the expenses of moving, and it really helps when you don’t have to buy this or that. Pennies add up, you know.

Here are 4 ways to save on moving expenses:

Don’t buy bubble wrap and packing peanuts and all that stuff. One, it’s expensive, and two, you can use your clothes and old newspapers to pack into boxes to keep things from rattling around or breaking. Plus, you pack your clothes up that way too. Of course, they will probably be all wrinkly and such, so I don’t recommend putting dress shirts or anything in a box, but t-shirts should be just fine.

Don’t buy boxes to pack your thing either if you don’t have to. Most businesses have lots of boxes. Ask if you take some home. Most places won’t mind, because they are just going to throw them out anyway. You can ask your boss or stop in and ask. By the end of it, you will probably have more boxes than you can even use.

You can also use boxes that you have lying around. Most things we buy come in boxes. If you have had anything shipped to you, such as from far-away relatives, you can reuse those boxes as well.

Furnishing Your Home
You can read an entire article about tips to furnish your new place here.

But the big point is, tell everyone you know that you are moving, and you will get lots of free things. Just by telling people we are moving, we have received two full sets of china, two vacuums, a set of drinking glasses, loads of bath towels, wash clothes, dish clothes, and potholders, curtains, tables, chairs, an air conditioner, a clothesline, clothespin, two couches, an armchair, and more.

You can see how much money that saves.

Gas, Food, and Other Expenses
Try to conserve all of your errands into one or two trips. Make a schedule, and go to the Post Office, bank, and store all at one time. Buy the off-brand of food.

If possible, buy in bulk. The girl moving in with me has a father with a membership to Sam’s Club ‘” perfect for buying loads of cheap paper towels, toilet paper, kitchen supplies like aluminum foil, sandwich baggies, etc., and college kid food, like Ramen noodles.

Personal Experience