4 Ways to Save Money on Your Grocery Bill by Shopping Twice a Month

Shopping on a regular basis puts you at increased risk of spending more than you really want to, as you spot the latest “deal” or your children influence you to splash out on sweets and chocolate. But if you cut your trips to the supermarket down by shopping just twice a month for groceries, you stand a better chance of slashing your grocery bill.

Plan to Go Shopping After Payday

A lot of people are paid twice a month, so if you fall into this category, plan to go shopping after each payday. If you shop on payday, you are likely to see a mark-up in prices and supermarkets crammed full of shoppers.

This is certainly the case for military families, whose grocery prices are highly inflated when shopping at their military installation on paydays. So if this is the case where you live, avoid shopping on payday and wait a few days, or a week after payday, to go shopping for some of the best deals. Shopping on Wednesdays and late evenings are also a good time to shop, as the supermarkets will be quieter and you may even score some bargains.

Inventory Your Pantry

When was the last time you saw the back of your pantry? Pantries are usually kept stuffed full of food, and yet each time consumers go shopping, they stock up their pantry even more without using what they already have at home.

Before compiling a shopping list, pull out the contents of your pantry. You may be surprised to see what you actually have stashed away in your pantry. Canned foods and many boxed goods will keep for a long time, but it still pays to bring those items forward so that they can be used first, rather than wasted. Wasted food equals money down the drain.

How to React to Weekly Supermarket Flyers

If your goal is to shop just twice a month, the weekly supermarket flyers can be problematic. Each week, the latest “specials” are advertised, which are intended to influence you to part with your hard-earned money.

Look carefully at the deals to see if there is really anything in the flyers that you need and check your pantry, fridge and freezer to see if you could do with stocking your kitchen. Shop around and compare prices, use manufacturer and store coupons (if both are allowed) and be resolved to keep to your goal of shopping twice a month.

Compile a Shopping List as You Go

A good way to stick to shopping twice a month, rather than weekly, is to compile a shopping list as you go. When supplies of apples, bananas, bread and milk are getting low, add these items to your shopping list and keep it on the fridge, so that when you go on your next shopping trip you will be all set.

Shopping twice a month can be a challenge if you are used to shopping weekly. But it can be done with lots of careful planning. Some of the benefits of shopping less often include more money in your pocket and less wasted food.