4 Ways to Make Passive-active Income

Canada and United States are very fortunate in many ways, especially when comes to making passive income ‘” here are some very effective ways that people have been implementing, and in many cases, these become active income opportunities.

These are also great ways for new graduates or job seekers to earn good income while waiting for their job.

First: eBay

You may have not tried eBay before; you may have only tried it once or twice. When I was laid off in 2005, I was really stuck to find the next job. eBay had helped us a lot ‘” we started cleaned our house and put all the unwanted items on eBay ‘” this had generated over $10,000 for us; which was really needed at the time. Later, we tried setting up a few businesses on eBay as well ‘” and some had worked very well.

The starting point is always your home ‘” you will be amazed how much someone would pay for one of your CD collections, or your unwanted PlayStation Games.

As price for electronics, software in Canada and the US are also lower than many parts of the world ‘” you are also likely to have international buyers on eBay as well.

Second: Personal Shopper for International Buyers

This is a booming business and it is very to set up without any cost. Many US websites and shops do not ship to international markets ‘” and this has created a 3rd party service opportunity. You would have seen advertisements from myUS.com as example, which also offers Personal Shopper service. This service has been attracting customers from China, Australia, Taiwan, Canada and virtually everywhere in the world.

Buyers will send their shopping list to you, and you can go and buy them, ship to them, and in return ‘” you make money from agreed commission and exchange rate.

Many Asian and Australian migrants in the United States are doing this already ‘” their service is beyond just online shopping ‘” they also go to outlets and utilize coupons, vouchers and other programs that are only available in the United States.

I know a couple from Australia started their personal shopper business in the US as a favor for their relatives in Australia; they now have 2 warehouses in the US, and it is a very successful enterprise now.

Third: Online Sports Commentator

Sport is a huge industry in Canada and United States, and people love reading commentaries about the professional sports, local sports teams, players and even gossips.

There are numerous websites which you can write commentaries about sports ‘” some are constantly looking for freelance writers, while others work on revenue sharing basis; where you get to earn revenue through impressions or Google AdSense (eg. When someone clicks on Google Ad on the website).

Sports and celebrities news are the two main drivers for web traffic in North America. If you are in Canada, you can write regular coverage and commentaries on various hockey games; and if you are in the US, you can write commentaries according to the season.

As an example, I know one commentator just write exclusively on minor league baseball players, which has a large number of followers including scout managers. Another writer just focuses on college basketball players; he also has many followers ‘” both are making comfortable level of income from online impressions.

Fourth: Online Writing

Online writers is kind of similar to online sports commentator as I have described earlier. This covers more topics and not exclusively deals with just one area of interest.

These websites offer different range of revenue models ‘” once again, some are based on clicks (impressions/views), some are based on advertising revenue sharing, some offer you upfront payment of the articles; some have exclusive format which you have to follow and establish yourself as an expert in certain area.

The great advantage about online writing is you get to choose the topic you want to write, and that is often the area you are most familiar with.

This also helps many professionals who are looking for career opportunities ‘” one of the analysts I had interviewd before had publishd regular coverage on mining companies in Canada; when the employer google searched him online and found hundreds of articles he had written on Canadian mining companies; and offered him the portfolio manager position after that.

So online writing can help you to make passive (and in many cases, active) income; as well as helping you to find job opportunities.

I know one online writer makes around $30,000 a month (around $300,000 a year on average) ‘” he does this as a corporate approach ‘” not as an individual writer ‘” this is also a business model that you can consider if you wish to set up a business venture.