4 Ways to Create a Unique Accent Wall

An accent wall is a popular way to add a design feature to the home. The most common type of feature wall is one painted in a bright or deep color, but an accent wall can be so much more then painting the furthest wall in the room a different color from the rest. There are some new and exciting techniques that will put the accent back in feature walls, and ensure that your accent wall is not a bland cookie cutter version of the next house.

1. Patterned Wall Paper

Recent innovations in the quality and design of wall paper has meant that there is now an extensive selection of patterned wall paper on the market. Everything from plush designer patterns like damask and herringbone, right through to your basic Hampton’s horizontal stripe pattern. Even renters can create a wall papered accent wall using the new removable papers that are on the market..

2.Upholstered Accent Wall

This technique is one of the most innovative and unique ways to create a one of a kind accent wall. It is ideal for accentuating the wall of a formal dinning or great room area. This design technique is versatile enough to be incorporated into a more casual space like a sewing room by using hard wearing textiles, in which case the walls themselves can be used as a pin cushion or a sort of cork board for displaying sketches and swatches. Another type of textile that is visual delight when used on an upholstered wall is leather. A butter soft tufted, tan leather used to upholster an accent wall in a home study or office creates distinguished feature that are seldom seen in many homes.

3. Tiled Accent Wall

Tiling a wall is not reserved exclusively for wet areas like the laundry or bathroom. The beautiful range of tiles that are currently available on the market provide a selection of tiles made especially for internal living areas. An example of where a tiled accent wall can highlight the architectural or design features of a home is the use of iridescent, slightly mirrored tiles on a wall with a fireplace. Interior designer Candice Olson is a master at turning a fireplace feature into an accent wall using various textures and colors of tiles.

4. Mural Accent Wall

Okay so mural walls have been done to death; we have all seen the mural of dolphins frolicking in the water, or the secret garden scene more then we would care to admit. However, there is one cardinal rule to
help you stay clear of the mural clich©s of years gone past, and that is to be creative and add your own style to the accent wall. Remember a mural doesn’t have to be a picture painted on the wall. Instead, precious photos of the family can be digitally printed onto wall decals, and then arranged in a love heart pattern to create an mural accent wall in the living room. The options are really endless, and you are only limited by your imagination.

Correctly applying any one of these four accent wall techniques will undoubtedly elevate the design of any home. With a small investment in materials and quality craftsmanship, a truly unique accent wall can be created.


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