4 to 8 Years Not Enough for President of U.S

4 years certainly is not enough time for the President of the United States to accomplish most of their goals; for that matter 8 years probably isn’t enough time either. Obama announced his bid for re-election in 2012 although his approval rating hovers around 50%. The two term maximum for the President of the United States to be in office should change if he or she is running the country well and continues to get voted in legitimately. The President has many responsibilities including domestic and global issues and deserves the appropriate amount of time to be able to make solid positive changes in all areas, foreign and domestic.

Although one term may be long enough for any President to make a mess of things; 4 years is nowhere near enough time to repair a broken country with many issues. Even if the leader of the free world is in office for 8 good years many of his goals and objectives will not be successfully accomplished for years to come unless he is followed by another leader to continue the current directions and ideals. If the U.S. President is making great progress in making decisions, positive changes and improving our country he should be given the opportunity to stay in office. A large corporation would never replace their CEO if the company he or she is operating was continually making positive changes, increasing profits and leading a company better than it ever has been in the past.

President Obama will run for re-election in 2012 and he should be given the chance to maintain his presidency for another 4 years. For the exact reasons he was elected in the first place with his great new ideas and leadership capabilities, Obama should be given a long term option to make the suitable changes for America and the rest of the world. Although one of the reasons why the Constitution was put in place was to prevent a dictatorial and oppressive government; this policy should be changed for the betterment of The United States, its government entities, and the rest of the modern world. If we continue to replace our leader every 4 to 8 years it may be impossible for the United States to make a complete recovery from a financial and security standpoint. The President needs support from everyone even if there are conflicting opinions or disagreements with policy.

Unfortunately, no matter who is running our wonderful country they constantly receive many resistances from all parties including their own. The President has to constantly communicate and meet with economic and defense advisors, congress, the Department of Defense, the Department of justice, State Department and many others in order to make progress on a daily basis. Furthermore, since Congress has the ability to block or approve decisions, treaties and policies funding; the president has to deal with these resistances as well.

As our country proceeds to struggle with a terrible budget crisis, sky high unemployment rates and other financial troubles; Obama deserves 8, 12, or even 15 years to accomplish some really good things for the future of our beautiful country and the rest of the world. We obviously need to make some permanent changes as a country, so let’s give longer terms a try.

-Sean Fedora