4 Tips to Double AdSense Earning

Most of the webmasters are aware of Google AdSense program to make money from a website or blog. If you are one of them, you are at the right place. Google AdSense has given opportunity to make money online to all the webmasters by sharing some space on your web page for Google ads. You visitors click on the ads and you get paid. It looks so simple to earn like this, isn’t it?

But, wait, it is not just enough to put ads on your site and wait for the visitors to click on them. There are many ad optimization tips for Google AdSense, which can range your online income from nothing to thousands. Below I have mentioned top 4 (four) tips to optimize your ad placement so that you can notice the change and make more money from AdSense.

1. Which Ad format is best? Answer to this question depends on the research and experience, but standard is big square box, either 300-250 or 336-280. This ad format is proven well in high ctr (Click thorough rate). I recommend using two boxes per page in total of 3 allowed by Google AdSense policy. You can also try another format and find out which one performs well for your site and your visitors.

2. Position of Ad on your web page. Standard rule is “Never place Google ads in bottom of page or page below the visible area”, ads should be always visible without scrolling your web page. Best place to put ads is between your article title and content, near the top menubar, or any other area that you may think can grab visitor’s attention. You should also use vertical ad format Wide Skyscraper (160-600) in your left or right side bar. You can also use Leaderboard (728 x 90) exactly below the header of your site.

3. Color scheme of ads. This is the most affective part of the ad optimization. Ads should not look like ads. Yes, you have to format ad colors to match the color theme of your web page. I mean, always use same background color in ad background and border, same link color in your ad titles, same text color in ad texts. In short, ads should be look like integrated content of your site. It does not matter that visitors know this is ad or not, they just click, you get earned. Another thing I have noticed in my experience is most of the people are habited to take blue color as links ( as it is default link color), so it can also help you to follow the standards of white background, blue link color and black text color. It can help you increase your CTR of Google ads and hence your online income.

4. Automatic Insertion. You can also use automatic insertion of AdSense code using server side include, PHP, ASP etc. If you do not know, what is this all about, don’t worry and contact your webmaster. This may reduce your job if you are using page generator tools. You may also automate this with plugins, if you are using cms platform like WordPress, Joomla, droople. Try to concentrate ads position near the rich content.

These tips are from my own personal experience and believe that will also help you make more money with AdSense. These tips are really helpful and based on standard research and analysis.