4 Tips on Using Facebook to Improve Your Business

I consult many people in matter of budgeting, money management and coach them on ways to improve their business, no matter what that business might be. One common objection from Pampered Chef affiliates to CEO’s alike is the belief that Facebook is a “waste of time”. However, here is a point to ponder. While all of those users in the world of Facebook are “wasting their time” each day, reviewing status updates and news while sipping their morning coffee, you might be missing out on an opportunity.

-You never know when people will “need” you
While Jenny is sitting in front of her Dell, sipping her morning beverage of choice, while checking up with her friends and fanned pages, she might be looking for a new cookware set, or a gift for a friend. If your page is in her news feed, she might just realize she needs you and your services. Having a business page means that you are able to “reach out and touch” your customers on a daily, monthly and annual basis. That is priceless.

-A fan page drives traffic to your webpage or location
If you are running a home based business or even if you own a company or franchise, without a fan page showcasing what you do for a living, you are just like everyone else; lost in a faceless sea of advertisers. A personal page is not going to cut it. Create a fan page that markets to your niche. If you have two niches, create two fan pages. Regardless, a fan page is tantamount to keeping up with old business while giving you the benefit of creating new business. The more people that “fan” your page, the more visits you get to your website, equating to more sales and more profits.

-Increase business with “Facebook only” promotions

Facebook is a powerful tool. If it wasn’t, millions of people wouldn’t log on every day (sometimes several times a day) to see what’s going on in this virtual space. Once you have a fan page, leverage it by creating Facebook only promotions. Hold contests for free items, create bonuses for Facebook fans, get instant and continuous feedback from your customers, giving you the freedom to make adjustments to your business plan on the fly.

-Promote and encourage viral marketing
It’s human nature to share insider knowledge or marvellous deals. The more valid, relevant and beneficial info you share on your fan page, the more your fans promote your page. The more fans you get, the more business you. It is that simple. Fan pages are powerful things, if you know how to use them correctly.

Don’t write off social media when it comes to your business. It costs virtually no advertising dollars to have a Facebook page, and it nets astounding results. Facebook is an incredible way to drive traffic to you, your business, your service and market for free, in just about an hour a day.

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