4 Tips for Relaxing During the Holidays

Here are four tips for relaxing during the stressful holidays.

1. Schedule Family Time

During the holidays you’re bound to be overbooked with holiday parties, Christmas shopping, Christmas decorating, Christmas baking and more. But don’t overextend yourself and then not give yourself any time to relax and enjoy the holidays. Schedule at least one night a week where you can hang out with the whole family at home and just relax. If you don’t want to cook, go ahead and order take-out from your favorite place. Rent a favorite holiday movie or bring out a board game that the whole family enjoys playing. Then turn your Christmas tree lights on and just enjoy being home together during the holidays.

2 Get Enough Sleep

You might be tempted to stay up an hour or two later trying to accomplish things like Christmas shopping or wrapping presents, but you’re only hurting yourself by doing this. Lack of sleep will throw your whole system out of whack and can make you more tired during the day. Even worse, it can lead to overeating as well. Instead, resolve to get at least seven hours of sleep every night, no matter what.

3. Outsource Christmas Tasks

Before the holidays hit, sit down and figure out your most stressful Christmas tasks and how to outsource it. If you can’t stand the crowds in the mall, try hiring a personal Christmas shopper. You can look on Craigslist for people who are willing to hit the malls for you and take care of all the shopping for an hourly or flat fee. If you like Christmas shopping, but can’t stand wrapping presents, then take your Christmas gifts to one of the many gift wrapping stations at the mall or at your department store. Your Christmas gifts will be immaculately wrapped and you will save yourself hours of stress. Pretty much any Christmas task can be outsourced – whether it’s decorating the inside of your house, putting up the Christmas lights or planning your holiday party.

4. Remember the True Meaning of Christmas

It’s easy to get caught up in Christmas shopping and holiday parties, but remember that this season is a time of love and peace and celebration of Jesus’ birth. Focus on what’s important and keep in mind that all the other things don’t matter much in the long run. In ten years, your family and friends won’t remember whether your Christmas gifts were wrapped perfectly or if you had the best decorated house on the block, but they will remember you being there and how much you cared. So relax and enjoy the season.