4 Things That Are OK to Do With Your Infant

When you bring your precious baby home from the hospital you might be nervous and what you can and cannot do. If your experience is anything like mine, you will have loads of advice coming from every direction. This may come as a surprise to some people but it is not necessary to keep your infant in a bubble. This list is of things are OK to do with your infant regardless of popular opinion. I did these things and my son survived.

You can leave the house with your infant.

My son was two weeks old when we took him out for sushi. I was not surprised that he drew a crowd; he was after all an amazingly adorable little guy. I was shocked when I was told by several other diners that my baby was too young to be taken outside our home and into public. There might even have been gasps when I let our favorite sushi chef hold him.

Unless your child has a problem with their immune system or a medical reason that prevents them from being in public, take them out.

You can feed your infant formula.

I exclusively breastfed my son for as long as I could. As a working mother with a crappy job, I did my best to pump milk in the bathroom while coworkers ridiculed me outside the door. Eventually I started supplementing with formula. My son is now a healthy little boy with no allergies or digestive problems.

Feeding your baby formula will not kill them, cause them to grow up with mommy issues, or turn them into a psychopath.

You can tell people to bugger off when they ask personal questions.

What is it about a new mom that makes people feel like they can ask outrageously personal questions? I was asked numerous times if my new baby was planned, if he was circumcised, and whether I gave birth naturally.

If you don’t feel comfortable answering questions, then don’t. Tell the inquisitor that you have enough respect for them and their privacy not to ask about their genitals, and hopefully they can give you and your baby that same respect.

You can sleep with your baby, but it is not required.

Co-sleeping is perfectly okay to do. If sleeping with your infant is the right choice for you, wonderful. When sleeping with your baby you always want to keep safety in mind. Remember to put your infant on their back, make sure they can’t fall out of bed, and be careful not to squish them in the middle of the night. I slept in the same bed with my son because it made it easier for me to nurse him at night.

If you are not comfortable sleeping with your infant, that is OK too. Whether you co-sleep or not doesn’t determine your worth as a parent.

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