4 Super Cheap Cat Toys

Here are four super cheap cat toys I have found for my cat, Oreo. The total cost for the four toys is $1.64.

A plastic bottle with a fishing weight inside.

I had a 2 liter bottle of Pepsi sitting on the floor one day that had one glass of soda left in it one day. Oreo decided it was going to be her newest and latest toy that day. Since I know what happens to shaken up pop in a bottle, this particular toy was not going to fly.

The plastic 2 liter Pepsi bottle toy came to me last night. Since I knew she liked the Pepsi moving around inside the bottle and how the bottle rolled when pushing it around the floor, I rinsed out the latest Pepsi bottle and let the inside dry. TIP: keep the lid for bottle, cats are like kids; they will put things in their mouths that normally do not belong.

After searching the junk drawers in my house, I found a half ounce fishing weight. I dropped it in the bottle and screwed the cap back on. I tossed it in the kitchen floor for Oreo. She now has a super cheap bottle and rattle cat toy.

Cost: Pepsi: 84 cents on sale at Dillons. Fishing weight: approximately 30 cents. Total cost for a cat toy: $1.14.

Plastic bottle caps make great hockey pucks for cats.

Awhile back, I was making herb pots out of plastic two liter bottles. One of the lids from the bottle fell on the floor.

Oreo being the nosey cat she is came to find out what the noise was. She found the bottle lid and tested to see what it was. Once she found out it would fly across the floor with ease, she decided to bat it around like a hockey puck.

Sometimes she picks it up and carries it to a different room to play with. This is another super cheap toy she likes to play with for hours on end.

Cost: $0

Pastry and paint brushes are super cheap entertainment.

I had bought two bristle style pastry brushes to use when I baste while baking. One of them found its way to the floor. Before I could pick it up, Oreo found it. She decided it was going to be her new play toy.

She likes to drag it, push it, and throw it around the house. Sometimes in mid air, she will hit or catch it. Unfortunately it is now MIA.

Since her original brush is missing, she thought a couple days ago she would try this playtime again with one of my husbands extra large paint brushes that is almost as big as she is. I knew that would not fly to well with him since it is one he uses quite often. It also has cleaning solutions in it so that would not be good for her.

I gave her a smaller sponge brush to play with since we do not know where the other one made off too. Since giving her a new brush to play with, she remembered we would throw it across the floor to chase. She often brings it back so we can do it again until she is tired of playing chase.

Cost: 50 cents at any dollar type store.

Puff balls are not just for decorating and bling.

I had gotten a spa kit a Christmas drawing one year. This spa kit had two puff balls on a string.

My cat played with them until one of the balls fell off the string. Now she likes to take the loose puff ball and bat it around. There are times she tosses it in the air. Other times, she carries it around the house.

On occasion, she will beat it up as if she was in a fight with another cat. Then there are times she will put it one of her sleep areas and fall asleep with it.

Cost: $0