4 Strangest Car Feature Search Results

While one man’s useless accessory is another car buyer’s deal maker, there are some car features that border on the absurd. The four strangest auto features may have you scratching your head, wondering what the designers were thinking (or weren’t they?).

2011 Kia Soul Features Throbbing, Glowing Speaker Lights

Hamsters heavily endorse the Kia Soul, and who wouldn’t love a car that starts at $13,300? Then again, keep in mind that hamsters are easily entertained. One of the optional car features for the Soul + is the eight-speaker audio system with a respectable subwoofer and a 315 Watt external amplifier. Among the strangest auto features here are the speaker lights. We get the map lights and the cargo area illumination — both standard — but why add apparently pulsating illumination to the speakers? Won’t the throbbing glow from the front door panels give the driver a headache?

Honda Owner’s Manual Protects Sword Swallowers

“Driving with a pipe or other sharp object in your mouth can result in injuries if your airbags inflate,” warns page 19 of the 2005 TL Owner’s Manual. This warning protects drivers in a wide array of Honda vehicles. While this verbiage may not necessarily show up on a car feature search, it does beg the question just who would drive around with sharp objects in their mouths.

UFO Sounds for Electric Vehicles

Who has not been startled out of their wits by a stealthily approaching electric car? Auto features for these environmentally friendly rides do not yet include suitable sounds that announce their arrivals. Sure, the BBC reports that Nissan has already wired the exterior for speakers, but what sound should these cars make? Would you believe that the quintessential 1950s UFO movie sound is high on the list? If the neighbor’s Prius starts making that little whirring hum, it would certainly be one of the strangest auto features on the market.

Citroen C4 Car Features Massaging Seats and Perfume Dispenser

The car feature search reveals that the Citroen C4 makes a trip to the massage therapist unnecessary. Couple this with the trademark softness of the seats, and you might just doze off at the next red light. Transform the car into an aroma therapy center with the help of the built-in perfume dispenser, and you should be able to charge your passengers a fee for riding in this lap of luxury — if you stay awake to collect the fee.


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