4 Royal Wedding Crafts for Little Girls

The upcoming royal wedding yields countless crafting opportunities for young girls. Crafts are a great way to help your Girl Scout troop, daughter’s slumber party, children’s church group or your classroom becomes familiar with the country of England and the beauty that will surround the big day.
When crafts are done, crown the day with a Mother and daughter tea. A tea party is the perfect way to celebrate Mother’s day and count down the days to the royal event.

Here are four simple royal wedding crafts to indulge your very own princess in crafting fun.

All crafts need the following: white glue, glue gun (adult use only), glitter, markers and sequin

All necessary supplies can be purchased at your local Michaels, AC Moore, or at online vendors such as SS Arts and Crafts.

A Frilly Fan

Colorful feathers
Construction Paper
Tag Board

1) Fold a piece of paper accordion style then place a small bend fold across the bottom to make a traditional paper fan.
2) Glue colorful feathers of all shapes and sizes to the paper fan to make a colorful and frilly hand accessory for dress up play.

Sparkly Sneakers

Plain Canvas White Sneakers

1) Supply each girl with a pair of white canvas tennis shoes in their size.
2) Using a marker, have the girls outline designs all over their shoes.
3) Glue colorful glitter, sequin and rhinestones onto the canvas shoe filling in the marker design.
4) Adult Only: Reinforce with a hot glue gun if needed.

Jeweled Hairpiece

Plain white or black plastic headband

1) Provide each girl with a plain hairband in black or white.
2) Have each girl select gold or silver “crystal” jewels or beads to place all over their headband.
3) Glue these sparkly items to the headband to create an “everyday crown”

A Royal Tea Cup

A Plain Plastic Mug

1) Provide each girl with a plain plastic mug
2) Have pictures of royal crest for the girls to look at
3) Have each girl create using permanent markers a crest design for their cups

These crafts provide hours of head to toe sparkle and fun for the little royal princesses in your life.
Dressed in head to toe sparkle with tea cups in hand, your princesses in training will be ready for the royal wedding in glamorous style.