4 Rising Alternative Bands

The music industry is cluttered with a variety of up-and-coming artists, some good and some forgettable. If you’re looking for what to download, here are some of the most buzzed-about bands out there, hailing from all over the world.

Band: Two Door Cinema Club
Notable songs: “What You Say”, “Your’e Not Stubborn”
Background: Straight out of Ireland, this band has been slowly but surely building a strong American following. First formed in 2007, their debut album “Tourist History” has been taking the nation by storm, landing them cushy spots performing at the Coachella music festival in April 2011, and on NBC’s “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” in January.

Band: Foster the People
Notable songs: “Pumped Up Kicks”, “Houdini”
Background: With one of the top selling songs on iTunes (“Pumped Up Kicks”), this California band is new to the scene, getting together a mere two years ago. In the interim, they have taken the nation (and world), by storm. Their May 2011 debut album, “Torches”, has been burning up the charts and they are carving a nice (and large) niche for themselves in the indie music scene.

Band: Young the Giant
Notable songs: “My Body”, “Apartment”
Background: Another California-based band, Young the Giant, are one of the biggest rising stars on the music scene, thanks to their monster hit single “My Body”, a sexy, rockish anthem that has peaked at Number 5 on the BIllboard Alternative music charts. WIth a hectic touring schedule and a ton of TV placements (their music has been featured on “American Idol” and “The Real World” among others), the only thing holding this band back is the lack of an equally successful second single.

Band: The Naked and Famous
Notable Songs: “Young Blood”, “Punching in a Dream”
Background: Sounding like a cross between Passion Pit, MGMT, and a fun acid trip, The Naked and Famous hails from New Zealand, where they have been making waves in their hometown music scene for years. American audiences are finally starting to discover them and their catchy hit single “Young Blood”, a song that quickly hit number 1 and became a Gold record on the charts back in their home country. Their sweet beats make Naked and Famous is the best New Zealand import to date since “Lord of the RIngs”.