4 Relationship Mistakes to Avoid

It’s wonderful to fall in love, but how can you stay in love? Once you are in a loving relationship you want it to last. Make sure you avoid the following mistakes that may sabotage your love life.

Short term relationships come and go, but when you find someone you want to get to know better and share your life with it is important to understand how to make the relationship last over the long haul.

Relationship Mistake #1: Failing to Celebrate Differences
Realizing that the two of you who make the relationship work are individuals is a start. One way to build on that foundation is to celebrate your differences. Explore your differences together in order to learn more about each other and broaden your own horizons.

Relationship Mistake #2: Failure to Empathize
It takes two committed people to make any relationship work. If you cannot empathize with your partner’s feelings you will limit the potential of your relationship. You must be able to empathize with their feelings, dreams and desires in order to help them grow as an individual.

Thinking too much about yourself is the root of failure to empathize. Get away from thinking about yourself for a while and think about how your partner is feeling.

Relationship Mistake #3: Making Wrong Assumptions
One of the most common mistakes in a relationship is, according to Psychology Today, “assuming that our partners’ experience is the same as ours.” It is not. Therefore, events and emotions that happen in the relationship will not necessarily affect each of you the same way.

You cannot expect your partner to act and respond just as you do in any given situation. You have to give them the benefit of their own autonomy including thoughts and feelings. You have to be able to see your partner apart from the way you feel about him or her and your relationship.

Relationship Mistake #4: Inability to Resolve Differences
Differences of opinion and taste inevitably lead to conflict. You must be able to resolve differences without resorting to “blame, denial, avoidance, sulking, and temper tantrums,” the very juvenile way in which you were first programmed to handle conflict, according to Psychology Today.

You must be able to step back, evaluate conflict and approach reasonable solutions with your partner. The relationship is not all about meeting your needs. You must take your partner’s needs and feelings into consideration. Then, take a rational approach to solving problems.

If you can avoid or correct these common relationship mistakes you may be on your way to a lasting, committed relationship.

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