4 Reasons I Love Geese

Geese are related to both the swan and the duck. Geese were considered sacred in Egypt in times long ago. While I don’t consider geese sacred, I do consider them to be valuable and an animal we can gain much from.

Down Feathers of Geese Make For Sweet Sleep

Sleeping in a bed with a comforter and pillow made from down feathers makes for the softest and sweetest sleep. Recently, my husband and I upgraded our bedding with a down comforter and down pillows. We found a great sale at Macy’s and purchased $1,000 worth of bedding for $200. We are loving our down comforter and pillows so much our next investment is going to be on a featherbed. A featherbed is a top layer for your bed much like that of a sheet. Imagine floating off to sleep atop soft down feathers. I love geese because their down feathers make for sweet sleep.

Goose Eggs Make for an Incredible Edible Egg

Chicken eggs are normally purchased in grocery stores while Goose eggs are purchased at farmers markets or specialty stores. One goose egg equals four chicken eggs. Children enjoy coloring eggs at Easter time. To make egg coloring an even bigger event try boiling goose eggs this Easter. I love geese because they produce large goose eggs.

Geese Teach us About Teamwork and Caring

Have you ever wondered why geese fly in a V formation? Geese flying in a V formation beautifully illustrates teamwork and caring. One reason geese fly in the V formation is to keep track of one another. The other reason geese fly in the V formation is because it allows geese to travel farther with less effort than if they were flying alone. Geese take turns flying in the lead position because geese in the lead position work harder. Taking turns in the lead position shows great teamwork on the part of geese. I love geese because they teach us about teamwork and caring.

Geese Make for Great Pets

Growing up I had two pet ducks. Ducks make for great pets and so do geese. Geese are beautiful animals and can make for a fairly easy pet. Geese do need an enclosed shed to keep them safe from other animals during the night. A pool or pond with a drain and cycle feature is ideal for a pet goose as it provides the goose with a way to get clean and swim. Fencing is required yet only needs to be about one meter high.

Geese eat a variety of foods including vegetables, slugs and worms. Geese also eat weeds. Having a pet goose can be fun and beneficial. Enjoy a pet goose while ridding your yard of weeds, slugs and worms. Geese have a long life expectancy and can make for a lifetime childhood pet. Surprising a child with an Easter goose would be an unexpected surprise. I love geese because they make for great pets.

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