4 Questions to Ask Prospective Employees in and Interview

When you’re interviewing potential employees it’s important to find the right person for the the job. Not only does the person need to be qualified, but they need to be a good fit. The interview process is your opportunity to get to know more about your prospective employees and to determine if you believe they would be a good candidate for the job. The interview process should be thorough and well thought out; hiring the wrong person could potentially cost your company time and money and create other difficulties within the workplace. Asking good questions during the interview process can help prevent this strain on your organization.

“Why should I hire you instead of the other applicants?”
This question is great for helping employers gauge an applicants confidence. If the applicant responds with their strong points in a confident, assured manner, it may be safe to assume they’re confident and sure of themselves. If they seem uncomfortable or unsure, it may indicate they lack the confidence that the position may require. However, if they go on about themselves and how great they are, it may clue you in to an employee who may be a little too full of themselves.

“What is your decision-making process like?”
Asking potential employees what their decision-making process is like will help you better understand how they may cope with decisions int he workplace. Pay special attention to how quickly they make decision (ask if they don’t include a time frame) as well as what factors they may or may not consider. It’s important to hire someone who takes enough (but not too much) time making decisions, as well ensuring they consider different aspects of the decision and how the decision will affect the company.

“Why did you get into this line of work?”
A career is a major life choice and understanding why a person chose the field they did could give you an idea of what is important to them and where their interest lie. Asking them why they entered the field can also give you an idea of whether or not they enjoy their line of work, or it’s just mundane to them.

“Tell me about a time you had to overcome an obstacle and what you did to overcome it.”
Everyone faces some kind of obstacle, whether it’s in their professional life or their personal life. Asking about obstacles will help give you a better idea of how the employee handles situations that may not be easy to overcome as well as how hard they work to overcome the obstacles they are faced with.