4 More Fast and Easy Projects Using Empty Mint Tins

Here are 4 more fun and easy project ideas using empty metal mint tins. Use these projects for yourself, or use them to make small gifts for friends and family.

Basic Preparation

Clean and dry tins may be spray painted, or covered with glue and paper. Next, place the tin on top of a piece of paper, fabric, or felt and trace around the bottom edge and cut out the rectangle. Brush fabric or all purpose white glue on the inside bottom of the tin and lay the fabric down on top of the glue and smooth out. Let dry.

Travel Jewelry Box

Cover a prepared tin with old maps, stamps, or travel pictures. Travel brochures have great photos that will make the cover beautiful. Cut a layer of stuffing or soft fabric and glue that down. Cut a piece of fabric almost three times the width of the box. Center the piece over the stuff and glue on top of the fabric or felt on top of the stuffing. This will make a padded, soft liner for your jewelry with two side flaps that fold over to hold your jewelry in place.

Mini Make-Up Kit

Decorate a prepared box with the design you like. Glue a small mirror to the inside of the top lid. Put a couple of folded tissues inside. Add a few cotton swabs wrapped in plastic wrap. Save a lipstick tube that is almost gone. There is still lipstick in the bottom. Use a cotton swab to apply the last bit of lipstick in a lipstick emergency. If you like to use the rose paper or face blotter paper, cut out a few to add to the bottom of the kit. A small tube of dark circle cover can be used to cover a small blemish. Some make companies give out single use samples of eye shadow. These can be added to complete the mini make-up kit.

Business Card holder

This is a handy gift for men and women, boys and girls of all ages. A box can be decorated to match any taste or interest. Business cards can be stored in one tidy place. Cards can be as simple as your first name and e-mail address. Fill with your own cards and this can also be used to store cards that are given to you.

Travel Word Game in a Box

Paint or decorate the tin with pictures of games or crossword puzzles cut out of a magazine. Put a handful of letter tiles in the box. Letters may be printed out in a large 1″ font and cut out in separate tiles. Print a few of each letter and make more of the vowels. Letters can be mixed up and turned over 10 at a time. Try and see how many words you can spell using just those tiles that are showing. This is a great way to pass time while waiting at a restaurant, while traveling or waiting in the car.