4 Key Ingredients for Human Longevity

Everyone, men and women, want to live a long life. Over the years the average life expectancy that someone lives increased. Nutrition, and the foods you eat have a large impact on how long you live and your lasting quality of life. For those who want to live to see their great grandchildren may want to adopt the regular use of some supplements that can aid you in living a longer life, and staying well within it. Health and longevity could be as easy as knowing what your body needs to survive and preserve itself.

To live a long life you will want to take care of your body with the utmost concern. This involves getting an adequate amount of the right daily nutrients and then some. Those who know how to live a long healthy life because they have lived it always have their little rituals they believe help them out. Helping them through the years pass healthily into older age.

Longevity and health preservation are important for parents especially who expect to see their children into adulthood. Studies have shown now that the key to increasing longevity can very well likely be all in exercise and what you feed your body. Foods, vitamins, and supplements should be considered to achieve this.

The key to living a long life may be found in the regular consumption of these and other choice vitamins and supplements. According to About.com, these are some of the key things, that when included in your diet properly, can have an impact on preserving your health.

1) Grapeseed Extract – Grapeseed extract contains antioxidants that battle free radicals in your body, and increase antioxidants somewhat in your blood. Red wine naturally contains this. Red wine is believed to help the prevention of cancer and possibilities of heart disease. It is also believed that it helps with circulation and the preservation of arteries and other blood vessels. About 100 daily miligrams will do the trick.

2) Green Tea Extract – Green tea extract is filled with the main ingredient in green tea that also helps to fight free radicals. Also an antioxidant, Catechin, works on the molecular level to help the formation of harmful cancer cells. About 75 to 100 mL every 24 hours should yield adequate potency.

3)Lycopene – Mostly and abundantly found in food, Lycopene was shown to scientifically prolong life in rats. These rats were found a quarter less likely to perish from prostate cancer than the control group. Unfortunately supplements of Lycopene have proven to be not nearly as effective and the versions found in everyday foods such as tomatoes.

4)Beans – Not only are beans versatile with many foods and are easy to eat, they are great for longevity. Beans naturally are packed with protein and fiber. Which alone is a great one-two punch of nutrients. Beans also contain antioxidants. Antioxidants responsible for helping to protect the body from free radicals.

Watching what you eat and put in your body is important. Use these powerful supplements that may be the ultimate answer for how to live a long and healthy life.

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