4 Jobs James Franco Should Add to His Resume

Actor. Writer. Artist. Social Media ‘Expert.’

Its there anything James Franco can’t do? Guess not – especially since he just announced he’ll teach a section of graduate students at New York University’s Kanbar Institute of Film & Television during the fall semester.

Franco, 32, is currently earning his Ph.D in English at Yale.

He will be teaching a section of a third year directing class in the graduate film division,” an NYU spokesman told E! Online. “It will comprise 10 to 12 students.”

“Our students will be fortunate to learn from him,” the spokesman continued. “We anticipate the students in his class will feel especially privileged to have him as a teacher.”

Sure, we’re jealous of the students who will be enrolled in his class. However, we can figure out one thing: How can Franco manage to fit in all of his jobs, classwork and other projects into the standard 24-hour day? Does he have some sort of magic potion (no drug jokes, please…) that gives him more time during the day?

We figured that Franco must have some extra time on his hands – so he should probably consider taking on these jobs, too.

Life Coach

Seriously, we’re pretty organized and still can’t manage to fit all of our tasks in every day. We need Franco to come in and give us some good advice on how to fit everything in during the day without going, well, crazy.


Franco hasn’t professed an interest in the culinary arts, but it seems like he should – chefs are just another type of artist. Franco should totally enroll in a cooking program up in the Northeast while he’s studying at Yale – that way he could come up with some sort of food art exhibit/social commentary on our obsession with social media.

Clothing Designer

Every celebrity has a clothing line, why not Franco? After all, he’s kind of got that hipster/pretentious “I don’t care” look going on most of the time, so why not make some money off that? Plus, we’d totally like to see him modeling some of his own clothes (hey, he’s not hard on the eyes!)


We’re betting he’s already thought about this – what celebrity hasn’t thought of running for office at some point or another?

Would he make a good politician? Well, he couldn’t be worse than some of our current elected officials.

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