4 Fast and Easy Projects Using Empty Mint Tins

Empty metal mint tins have a lot of life left in them long after the mints are gone. Here are 4 fun ways to reuse these tins for yourself, or use them to make small gifts for friends and family.

Basic Preparation

Clean and dry tins may be spray painted, or covered with glue and paper. Next, place the tin on top of a piece of paper, fabric, or felt and trace around the bottom edge and cut out the rectangle. Brush fabric or all purpose white glue on the inside bottom of the tin and lay the fabric down on top of the glue and smooth out. Let dry.

Sewing Kit

Decorate the top of the tin with fabric pieces, glue a pile of buttons, or a photo. “SEWING KIT,” may also be stenciled on the lid.

Cut a small piece of cardboard or firm paper into a 1″x3″ strip. Choose five basic colors of thread and cut about a 20″ piece of each color. Wrap them around the board. One needle can be attached or needles can be threaded ahead of time. Include several buttons, and a few assorted sizes of safety pins.

First Aid Kit

Paint a clean tin with white paint. A red cross can be painted on the top of the lid or ‘FIRST AID KIT,” can be stenciled on the lid. Fill with several assorted sizes of bandages. Add several single use wet napkin packets. Some restaurants give these away. Occasionally, ibuprofen and acetaminophen companies give out sample packs. Add these to the kit. Larger first aid kits may have single use antibiotic cream packets that could be included. Wrap a couple of cotton swaps in plastic wrap. You will be ready to care for occasional minor aches and pains.

Snack Time

Decorate a prepared tin with fun colors. Pictures of food and drinks may be used to decorate the lid. Inside, put a few single wrapped pieces of mints or gum. Small snack packet may fit. This is a place to store a roll of mints that may be already opened and this way the mints would be kept clean and lint free.

Tea Time and Coffee Break

Decorate a prepared tin with fun floral or vintage black and white photo motif. Paris is a wonderful city to sit in a sidewalk cafe and enjoy a nice cup of coffee as you people watch. A black and white photo of the Eiffel Tower makes a whimsical and sophisticated background. In the tin, place a few wrapped tea bags and some sugar or artificial sweetener packets. Instant coffee now comes in small packets the size of a tea bag or smaller add with a couple of dry creamer packs. Wrap a single cinnamon stick in plastic wrap to dress up coffee. Hot water is available most everywhere, so all you need to do is add hot water to a cup and enjoy.