4 Family Friendly Animal Shelters in Charlotte

If you and your family are animal lovers, you may want to consider adopting a pet from one of the local animal shelters. Adopting a pet is considerably less expensive than buying a pet from a pet store or from a private owner. Pets also come with their shots, and are usually spayed or neutered.

Once you have determined that you are ready for the commitment and fun of adding a pet to your family, you will want to take the entire family to help to pick out that pet. Charlotte animal shelters have a great variety of animals to choose from. Take your time and spend some time with the animals that you are considering adopting. Here are 4 local shelters to help you get started:

-The Charlotte Mecklenburg Animal Shelter. The shelter has lots of dogs and cats to choose from. They also have other animals on occasion, such as snakes or lizards. When my family and I adopted our Siberian Husky, Mary, from the shelter, we were given the opportunity to spend a lot of time with her beforehand. This was very helpful to us in making our decision. The shelter has a couple of areas where you can interact with the pet one'”on-one to see if you are compatible. We were given the opportunity to play with and feed the dog. This gave us a good idea as to her personality. A volunteer also came in with us to answer any questions that we had about her, which was very helpful to us in making our decision. You can also go to their website and view all of the animals currently up for adoption.

-Humane Society of Charlotte. The Humane Society is another place where you can adopt a pet at an affordable price. Founded in 1978, the Humane Society is a private, non-profit organization that thrives with the support of those who love animals. They are committed to treating all animals that enter their shelter with “love, kindness, and dignity”.

Crossroads Animal Rescue. This animal rescue is located in both Mecklenburg and Union counties. Crossroads Animal Rescue is a bit different than a regular shelter. Whereas they take in animals in need of rescue, they then carefully place those animals in loving foster homes until they are adopted. This ensures that they get the one-on-one attention and care that they are so in need of. This is a great option for a Charlotte family looking for a pet to adopt. You may want to even consider fostering pets to help get them ready for a permanent family.

Project Halo (Helping Animals Live On). Project Halo, located in Charlotte, is a non-profit animal rescue that is dedicated to animal rescue and adoption. All adopted pets are vet current with shots and sterilization. Like the Crossroads Animal Rescue, the rescued pets are placed in foster homes as they await that permanent loving family who will adopt them.

A pet can bring a lot of joy into a family. Before adopting, make sure that you are ready to accept the responsibility. It is also important to decide if your pet will mainly be an indoor or an outdoor pet. If you opt for an outdoor pet, it is essential that you have plenty of space for the pet to move around in, as well as a dog house to protect the pet from the elements. A fenced yard is preferable as well so that the pet will not have to be chained up all of the time. It is also important for you to find out what the leash and other pet laws are in Mecklenburg County. Being informed can prevent you from receiving hefty fines along the way.

Most of all, have fun with your new pet!