4 Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Plastic Easter Basket Grass

Plastic Easter basket grass can be harmful to the environment as well as an annoying mess you continue to find around the house weeks later. Why not use eco-friendly alternatives this year to fill your Easter basket? Listed here are four eco-friendly ways to replace the plastic in your Easter basket.

Sunday comics are a great Easter basket filler.
Hang on to the Sunday comic pages leading up to Easter. Those pages are colorful, fun and make a great alternative to plastic Easter basket filler. Take the pages and run them through the shredder at home or take patterned edge scissors and cut strips to add to your basket. Don’t toss the shredded newspaper out after Easter. Make recycling go a step further and reuse it again as a packing filler for the next time you send a box in the mail.

Use natural greenery to fill your Easter basket.
Cutting branches off a pine tree or leafy hedge make for a beautiful filler in any Easter basket. Arrange the greenery to spill out of the side of the baskets for a nice presentation. Make sure the branches or leaves don’t have sap seeping from them, otherwise you’ll have a mess in your basket. For a colorful idea, cut fresh blooming flowers from your garden. Just make sure to remove any thorns so your little one doesn’t get an unpleasant surprise on Easter.

Beach towels make a great Easter basket filler.
When my daughter’s were in their teens, I loved to buy them a new swimsuit to put in their Easter basket. I always found a fun and colorful beach towel that matched as well. Take a beach towel and fold it up to fill up the bottom of the Easter basket for an eco-friendly alternative to plastic grass. A colorful cloth napkin can fill in as a great basket filler as well and can be reused for years to come.

Stubby Pencil Studio Felt Grass Basket
An adorable alternative to the traditional Easter basket with plastic grass is the Basket Ladybug from Stubby Pencil Studio. No plastic grass needed here as the felt grass is part of the basket! This cheerful basket is made from felt and can be used for years and years. The Basket Ladybug can serve a dual purpose year-round to store your child’s favorite art supplies or small toys. The basket retails for $14.95.

Stubby Pencil Studio
P.O. Box 23291
Portland, OR 97281

Make your baskets eco-friendly this year with one of these four ideas and replacing plastic Easter basket grass for good.