4 Easy Mother’s Day Crafts for Dads

Let’s admit it, it can be hard for dads to come up with gift ideas for Mother’s Day. But if you’re a dad of little ones, don’t worry. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars getting something Mom will appreciate.

Instead, help your children make some easy Mother’s Day crafts, and you’ll be creating a homemade gift that Mom will treasure forever. Here are four simple craft ideas for homemade gifts your little ones can help make:

1. Decorated picture frames

Dads, grab that camera and be on the lookout. Surprise Mom with a picture frame holding a photo of her and her little ones in a tender moment together. You provide the photo, and let your children decorate the frame. Purchase easy, plain wooden frames for your kids to decorate; these can be found at any craft store. Let children paint, add stickers, write words or glue sequins all over.

2. Make a Mother’s Day appreciation jar

Of all the crafts listed, this one requires almost no artistic skill (easy, huh?). Purchase a small decorative jar with a lid to serve as the container. Cut dozens of slips of plain paper. On each paper, write the reasons why you love Mom. Ask your children to write messages of appreciation and love to their mother as well, or – if too young – write their responses for them.

3. Make an easy ‘love’ book

Similar to the Mother’s Day appreciation jar, this craft is all about finding ways to tell Mom you love her. Purchase a decorative journal (or create your own simple book) and help your kids write all the ways they love their mom on the book pages. Again, if your kids are too little, write their answers for them. And be sure to throw in your own special messages of love.

4. Decorated flower pots

Dads, we know you love to give Mom flowers for Mother’s Day. And there’s nothing wrong with that – we all love flowers! But why not try something new this year, and put a little more creative effort into it? Try this craft with your kids:

Purchase flowers that you can plant yourself; pansies are a great option this time of year! Allow your little ones to paint and decorate a terra cotta pot with pictures or words. Let dry before planting. If your children are too little, Mom will love if you make painted handprints of your kid’s hands on the flower pot. What a great way to preserve that moment in time!

As you can see, Mother’s Day crafts don’t have to require much skill or effort. They can still be easy, while creating something Mom will enjoy forever. Dads, provide the guidance and materials, and let your children create the decorations. Guaranteed, she’ll remember this Mother’s Day, have a beautiful keepsake, and you’ll be glad you did something different this year (she’ll appreciate the effort!).

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