4 Critical Habits You Need to Get the Most Out of Your Workout

I had spent many years spinning my wheels getting slow or partial results regardless of the fact that I busted my behind in the gym. I thought that just because I was working out I was well on my way to attaining the health & wellness that had eluded me for half of my life. Eventually, I got tired of putting in so much effort while inching towards my fitness goals. So I got educated in the areas of both health & wellness and fitness & exercise. This article will save you a lot of wasted time and effort and get you where you want to be: fit, strong, and healthy.

1. Eat enough to fuel your workout . One of the biggest mistakes I’d made for years was repeated by many of my clients over the years: the mistake of coming to the gym on an empty stomach. So many people think that if they starve or embark on some sort of whacky restrictive diet that this will automatically yield a fat loss and help them reach their fitness & exercise goals. It will actually do the opposite. Not only will you be void of the energy necessary to get you through the intense workouts essential to promote muscle strengthening and fat loss, but it will cause your metabolism to slow even more. It will also make you sick and prone to injury.

2. Get enough sleep. As with inadequate nutrition, if you aren’t well-rested you will not be able to hit it hard in the gym. Again, you will only get half the results because you’ve only been able to expend half the energy you could have had you slept enough. There are only 24 hours in a day and our time spent at rest in no less important than our time spent working out in the gym. If you don’t do one enough, the other will be adversely affected. Conversely, if you get a good work-out in chances are increased that you will sleep better at night.

3. Breathe. Improper breathing, either holding your breath during rigorous physical effort or not breathing properly will not give your body the proper oxygen to utilize the energy in your bloodstream. Your body needs oxygen to burn those calories. If you don’t breathe properly, again you are only going half-steam. Half effort = half result.

4. Use proper form. Make sure that whether you choose to spend your work-out doing yoga, weight-lifting, using a stair-climber, doing aquatics or walking/running on the treadmill, you are using proper form. If you ignore this caveat you will eventually injure yourself.

You will find these simple but commonly overlooked tips invaluable as you continue along your path to reach your health & wellness, fitness & exercise goals. Not only have I seen this to be true with every single client I trained but I have lived it for 13 years myself .