4 Cool Software Programs that Could Make Your Life a Little Easier

If you enjoy finding software programs that are user-friendly and have plenty of great features, you might be interested in some of the applications that have hit the market lately. These include the latest in voice recognition software; a quick and easy-to-use VHS to DVD converter; a detailed will-making program; and an amazing digital sketch and art application. These software programs could be a perfect gift for someone you know, or they might just be something you’ll want keep for yourself instead.

1. Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home 12.0 This is one of the highest rated speech recognition software programs on Amazon. It can be extremely practical for anyone who has to type a lot, or even for persons that may have limited use of their hands – perhaps due to carpal tunnel syndrome or other disabilities. Dragon NaturallySpeaking allows you interact with your PC by talking to it through a microphone. Spoken words appear on the screen three times faster than typing, with a fantastically high accuracy rate right out of the box. And you can further “train” the program to recognize your speech with even greater accuracy over time. This program works with nearly any Windows-based application. You can use it to:

– Dictate and format documents
– Surf and search the Web
– Send email and instant messages
– Update MySpace, Facebook, or Twitter

2. Honestech VHS to DVD 5.0 Deluxe This program allows you to easily convert your video to DVD, CD or Blu-ray Disc. It is a great application for anyone who has a lot of their memories still stored on old VHS tapes. This program also allows you to easily upload your videos to YouTube, or to watch them on your iPhone or iPad. It was the #1 bestselling all-in-one video converter software solution according to a 2008 NPD Report. It works on Windows 7, Vista And XP. There are step-by-step pictorial instructions that guide the user through the process of converting their videos.

The VHS to DVD 5.0 Deluxe kit comes with all cables you will need, a small conversion box called a vidbox, and an instruction manual. You will, of course, need a separate VHS player to play your VHS tapes from.

3. Quicken Willmaker Plus 2014 . This program allows you to create a customized Legal Will, Health Care Directive, Powers of Attorney, and other essential estate planning documents. It can save you a considerable amount of money in legal costs. This program is a sensible choice for anyone who’s been talking about creating a will, or for those with children who should really create a will in order to protect their family and property.

If your estate situation is complicated, however, then it is probably better to hire a professional lawyer to assist you instead of using this program. But if like most of us, all you have are basic assets, Quicken Willmaker Plus 2011 can be a great tool to use.

4. Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 2011 . This program will transform your desktop computer, laptop, or tablet PC into a digital sketch pad. The intuitive interface makes it easy to access a host of tools and features, including pencils, markers, brushes, colors, guides, layers, and blending effects. It also allows you to email your sketches instantly. For those with artistic ability, SketchBook Pro is a powerful and productive tool. But even for those with less artistic talent, it allows any user to produce neat results with just a small learning curve.

You do need to purchase a writing tablet separately to use with this feature of the sketching software. But if you look at the price difference between Sketchbook Pro and one of its strongest competitors, namely Photoshop, the savings will allow you to buy your writing tablet and still get one of the best deals in computing today.