4 Common Problems with iPhone Music Streaming Apps

The iPhone’s App Store features dozens of awesome music and sound streaming apps which make the device a much more useful and fun personal audio player. There’s Pandora, the legendary Internet radio app that learns what the listener likes to hear, Stitcher, which is by far the best podcasting app available, and Rhapsody, which is the first (and best) subscription music service available for iPhone owners.

Unfortunately, while these apps improve the iPhone user experience, they don’t always work perfectly. Music streaming apps on the iPhone are susceptible to a number of bugs which can crash the phone or the app itself.

Here’s a look at four common problems with streaming audio apps on the iPhone and how to fix them.

Audio Dropouts When Changing Screens. The multitasking ability of the iPhone is fairly new, and some app developers haven’t really wrapped their code around it yet. If something goes wrong, audio can suddenly drop out–this usually happens when you’re changing screens or when you hit the “Home” button.

Restarting the iPhone will usually fix this problem. It’s also a good idea to make sure that only one music streaming app is running at a time. To bring up a list of programs running on an iPhone, go to the Home screen and tap the “Home” button twice. The new bar on the bottom of the screen shows running apps. Close any that you aren’t using by holding your finger on them until a little red minus sign appears.

Crashing When Switching Songs. This is a bit more severe than a simple audio dropout. Crashes generally happen when a program tries to do something impossible, and on the iPhone, that typically means that the app is trying to use a resource or file that’s already in use.

Again, restarting the iPhone is the best way to fix this problem, especially if the app was recently installed. You can also try deleting and reinstalling the app. To do this, find the app on your iPhone and hold down the icon until a red X appears, then press the X to delete it. You can then reinstall it with the App Store, and you won’t have to pay twice.

The App Won’t Start Properly. This usually doesn’t happen unless the audio streaming app is very big or very new (or both). Make sure you’ve got the latest version of the app installed and make sure that you restart your iPhone before using it.

By the way, are you seeing a pattern here? 90% of iPhone problems can be fixed by restarting the phone, which is as simple as holding down the top button for a few seconds. When in doubt, always try restarting.

The App Suddenly Crashes For No Apparent Reason . Some apps just seem to crash, and this can be annoying when you’re using a music streaming app, because you’ll lose your place in whatever you’re listening to.

Try restarting, of course, and closing other apps that stream music on the iPhone. If that doesn’t work, make sure that your iPhone’s software is up to date and check to see whether the app’s developer knows that there’s a bug. All apps are going to occasionally have a few problems, so don’t get too upset, but make sure to tell the developer that you need an updated version of the app, either by contacting them directly or leaving a review on the App Store.

Know of any other common problems with streaming audio apps for the iPhone? Post your thoughts and tips below.