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Join our meeting Wednesday to hear about the mapclick.org application we are building! You are has subscribed you as a premier subscriber to the double-opt-in B2B Home Business Network News ‘” a monthly informational newsletter for the new work-at-home-tech-savvy-professional. This is the official E-Zine of UpLog.org Social Network'” the roar of all of us! Latest from the guide: 101 | Invisible-Ware | The Hidden Layers I am inventing this term: After extensive discussions with my rocket-scientist programming brother, David Rothman, this is the best way to describe this new frontier: I can best describe these as hidden layers of the Internet: Have you ever noticed that when you search for something that is not there, you are presented with ads that pay somebody something if you click?! Who gets that money?! Ahhhh.. Read more here…Are You People or Sheeple It starts innocently enough: it is a sales pitch: “All the new Real Estate agents have been buying these sites for X years..” — or “all the top agents buy this, with this investment you can be a top agent too..” The sweet lies spew off the tip of the unknowing green salespersons’ tongue again, at a new set of real estate flim-flams at the annual conventions ‘” another harvest of ‘˜Sheeple’ (new agents) led to the slaughter: 1. Real Estate designations, thousands of dollars per set of meaningless letters..thousands of dollars.. 2. Real estate website, usually from Advanced Access, Point2 or some other behemoth “I am a Realtor too” provider ‘” they crank them out like cookie cutters, they do not work, but that does not matter in an industry with 90% turnover! 3. SEO: OMG the ridiculous outdated stuff you guys buy! Stop trying to cheat, it is about your contribution! Read more here… Featured: If you will just show up to our meeting: I will give any first time visitor who buys anything at all, for absolutely free (if you attend our training this Tuesday, May 31rst, at 6:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time): Over the last ten years, I have always had my own managed, dedicated servers at Hostgator.com ‘” one of the worlds largest and highest rated hosting companies. I have always provided first year website hosting to my clients for free just to avoid hassles with third parties who may try to hold them hostage. We have always set those up so that there were no limits on anything (we call limits ticking time bombs). We guarantee 99.9% up-time ‘” and we have only had issues a few times for short periods in the last ten years. Our accounts are setup as their own server, with user-friendly control panel software backed up by video tutorials, 24 hour support and the most widely used server management software: CPANEL. With one of these accounts, you can host several websites and domains, with full features, weekly backup, unlimited emails — You could sell and host websites, and that is fine with us. Enterprise Level Hosting until you need your own dedicated server $120/YearPS: Our server allows multi-user installations where every user creates another sub-domain. To accept this FREE offer, RSVP to [email protected] for our Tuesday May 31 2011 webinar and show up only; or create yourcity.uplog.org right now (if it is available):