38 Secrets Regarding Vinegar

The benefits that vinegar has brought to the human race over the centuries are too numerous to mention in this article and the healing remedies that many auspicious healers have created and passed on to their descendants will never be numbered.

However, today’s top researchers along with physicians recognize the healing ability of vinegar. For example adding vinegar to different foods, such as a salad, vegetables or French fries, has been publicly deemed to provide healthy benefits to one’s body and it’s not difficult to find proof.

The long history of natural healing has been vastly documented throughout time by famous physicians and healers. HIPPOCRATES, the grand father of medicine, is quoted as saying “natural forces within us are the true healers.”

In days before, people were stricken with health problems very different from our own. Their lives were struck down with diseases such as yellow fever, typhus, smallpox, meningitis, cholera, and diphtheria. In fact all of the contagious diseases one can think of. Having said that, many of our ancestors sincerely owe their lives to natural remedies using herbs and products with insects and animals not to mention Vinegar.

In those days, Vinegar was such a powerful medicine, it was used for everything including such diseases as arthritis. Today researchers and physicians recognize the healing ability of vinegar. It is considered much more than mere folklore. There have been hundreds of controlled scientific studies made many by the most eminent scientists in our society. They have always come to the same conclusion; vinegar has an amazing power to prevent and cure many common illnesses of our time.

What Is Vinegar
Vinegar is an acidic liquid, a product obtained from the fermentation of alcohol. It is used as a condiment, preservative, cleanser and medicament. It is sharp in flavor and may be rich, or mellow. While herbal vinegars are very easy to make, the vinegars and other ingredients given in the following remedies are also easily obtained from most food stores.

You will be able to try the wonderful and practical vinegar remedies for yourself. Each remedy gives you precise details and will guide you in your effort to create your own natural remedy.

While there are many other wonderful and practical remedies I could mention, and I will in my next three articles; here are nine health benefits using Vinegar:

Health benefits

1. Vinegar is a bactericide. This is because of the acid content in vinegar makes it a national bactericide appropriate for minor cuts, abrasions and other skin ailments.

2. It is also an anti-inflammatory agent suitable for wasp stings, insect bites, shingles and sunburn.

3. Vinegar has been recommended since the time of Hypocrites and Galen as an aid to alleviate or cure arthritis.

4. Cider vinegar is ideally suited as a mouthwash for healing mouth ulcers and for strengthening the gums.

5. Use as a gargle for sore throats and for ticklish coughs.

6. Drink diluted cider vinegar as an aid to digestion and to relieve constipation.

7. For the care of the hair vinegar can be added to the rinsing water to give long lasting shiny hair. It is also thought to be a cure for alopecia.

8. Use the sweetly scented lavender vinegar in your bath water as a skin purifier and tonic.

9. A teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a cup of warm water three times a day is especially recommended for patients with heart disease.

Given the opportunity, your body will remain healthy and active for many decades. If you are not maintaining your peek of fitness, then perhaps it is time to examine your way of life, your diet, attitude, exercise and how much enjoyment you get out of life.

The materials in this article are intended for information purposes only. None of the suggestions or information is meant in any way to be prescriptive. Any attempt to treat a medical condition should always come under the direction of a competent physician – and neither I nor the publisher can accept responsibility for injuries or illness arising out of failure by a reader to take medical advice. I am an author/writer. I also have a profound interest in helping myself and others to maximize potentials for positive health which include being able to live at a high level of energy, intelligence and creativity. All three are expressions of harmony within a living, organic system.