$319 Mega Million Jackpot – Seven Winners in Albany, New York

How you feel if you missed out on $29 million because you didn’t have two single dollars in your pocket? That’s what happened to Michael Kosko, an employee of the New York Homes and Community Renewal agency in Albany. Michael who usually participates in a office lottery pool, but on March 29, 2011 opted not too because he didn’t have change or two single dollars, and seven of his co-workers hit and won the $319 Mega Millions jackpot. Each of them will receive a one-time payment of $28,971,029 before state and federal tax withholdings. The after-tax value of each check will total $19,129,571, according to Mega Millions officials. Now call it ironic, but the opportunity was just lurking around waiting to crown this particular group with the golden prize because when his co-worker stood in line to purchase the ticket, he actually stepped out of the line to grab a snicker and someone cut in front of him, so he bought the next ticket, which turned out to be the winning ticket. Additionally, if the group would have waited for Scott to get change, that particular ticket would not have been purchased. As fate would have it, it was destined for that particular group to win on that particular day at that particular time. Was it fate or faith? Scott lost faith in the office lottery pool because he said “they never win anyway” so it didn’t matter if he played or not, but fate knocked loudly at his door, and where was his faith?

All sorts of mixed feelings would be circling so fast over and over above my head that I would become numb, dizzy and loopie. So loopie that I wouldn’t know my existence for quite a few years. One thing for certain I would never in life forget “March 29, 2011.” That date would haunt me every year, and I probably would beat myself up for the rest of my entire life. Of course it’s not good to cry over spilled milk, but if $29 million had quickly walked out of my hands and into my co-workers hand in less than 48 hours, life would be null and void. His co-workers are set for life, and they don’t have to do anything they don’t want too do. They can pay off all their debt, they can get a maid to clean their homes, they can hire someone to landscape their yard, they can buy that car, house, boat, motorcycle, or RV they been wanting, they can uproot and leave Albany altogether and move anywhere on this earth they consider Paradise. They can live comfortably on $29 million until they pass away from this good ole earth.

If I had $29 million, I would run away and hide from everyone except my immediate family. My first and most important priority would be to give my kids and grand-kids a set amount (everyone would receive different amounts depending if they have been naughty or nice), and next I would set my mother and her twin sister up so they won’t have to do anything except enjoy the rest of their elderly life on this beautiful earth. They could shop until they drop everyday for themselves, their kids, their grandchildren, their great grandchildren,and their church members and friends, they could participate in all the church functions they desire, and they could travel all over the world by cruise, train or airplane visiting family, historic sites, religious sites, and all the sorts of fun cities, towns, and countries. I would build three small manufacturing homes on their acres of land and hire a live-in maid, nurse, and handyman to take care of their everyday needs. A nurse to make certain they eat healthy, take their prescribed medications properly, and get their proper sleep, a maid to do household chores, including meals and running errands, and an all purpose handyman/landscaper to make certain they are not climbing ladders trying to hang wall paper or they are not trying to lift and spread heavy bags of fertilizer on their grass.

Once I secured my family, I would disappear and live on a Paradise Island such as Aruba, Barbados or somewhere exotic with a humble, handsome, kind, courteous man who can fully take care of all my needs. I would live the rest of my life helping those who are willing to help themselves, but need just a little hope or encouragement. There’s a big difference in helping those who are willing to help themselves and those who are not willing to help themselves, and most times those who are not willing are the ones who expect help, but I would not consider them. I would also pay my tithes every month because without God I wouldn’t have $2.00 to purchase a ticket; therefore, I simply could not leave God out of my winnings.

There are so many ways I could spend $29 million if I won, but unfortunately, I didn’t win. The folks way up in the North Pole in Albany, NY won $29 million, so I guess I should stop dreaming about what I would do because I don’t have it. I don’t have anything close to $29 million, but just writing about what I would do if I did have $29 million gave me complete satisfaction and gratification for just about as long as it took me to write this story, and it felt better than sex!