30-seconds for $1 Million

As the business of show is concerned, Oprah knows it very well. And now, she is going out in style. Sure, she has her OWN Network, but she is leaving the syndicated world May 25 with a record haul of $1 million for a 30-second commercial spot. Horizon Media has announced the price which just may go higher as the end date gets closer.
Think about that for a second, or even 30 seconds. For the most part, Oprah’s talk show airs during the afternoon and to get that price is fantastic and telling (disclaimer: well, honestly, it may not air in the afternoon everywhere it airs, right?. It is fantastic for the business of show and telling for her popularity after all these years. An afternoon talk show grabs that much attention for its finale. One has to tip their hat to her for the huge success and broadcasting history she has made. For those who may be concerned about the studio in Chicago being vacant when she departs, nope, do not worry. Rosie O’Donnell, who will have a talk show, that will ironically air on OWN, will tape there.
Meanwhile, every year we discuss and talk of the prices and content of those Super Bowl commercials. Why not? They are as much a part of the Super Bowl scene as the game itself. It’s time to do the smae for Oprah. However, the better the game, the less interested the true football fan gets over them. Furthermore, it’s not every day, or even year, when one discusses cash for spots on a talk show. This truly is big business.
Truth be told (or written), her record haul is to a certain extent, a misnomer. For prime time, a 30-second spot for the final “Seinfeld” went for $1.5 million and the last “Friends” pocketed a cool $2 million per 30 seconds. As for the Super Bowl, it is still the king, and should be with all those viewers. As we approach the finale on May 25, one could expect the price to rise, not to mention, let’s ponder this: Any 1-minute commercials?
With Oprah leaving, the shuttle not landing at the Adler Planetarium and the Olympics bypassing Chicago, it’s time to look for the silver lining in Illinois since all the bad news rises to the top. Let’s see, “Superman” heads here while “Boss” starring Kelsey Grammer starts production soon. “The Dark Knight Rises” departs for Pittsburgh and a parent’s group is upset over a “Playboy” series set in the city, and we wonder why. Note, it is not a Playboy Channel show, it is for NBC. Ah, the silver lining.
It was also announced by Harpo Studios that the Obamas will sit in for a taping after the president gives his budget speech today (April 13). It will air during May Sweeps – – of course. He will also participate in a campaign fundraiser in the Grand Ballroom on Navy Pier.