3 Unique Fathers Day Gifts

It’s so easy to just chuck a block of chocolate in the grocery cart for a Fathers Day gift. Undoubtedly, guys love chocolate. But really? Every year? Surely we can be a little more creative than that. And some brainy people are; they go all out on the latest and greatest big boys toys. But what are some of the alternatives? Is there a way to make Fathers Day gifts special yet not break the bank? Here are 3 unique Fathers Day gifts that may get you thinking outside the box a little and considering the options.

1. Create Something:

Young children don’t have a whole lot of spending money, and homemade gifts are definitely the most personal. Encourage your child to write a story of a special time they spent with Dad, illustrating the pages with their own drawings. If you do have a budget for this, some places allow you to make photo books using scanned in children’s artwork. This way you can include your child’s artwork as well as photos and any other special items. This idea makes significant and memorable fathers day gifts.

2. Go Somewhere:

Where did we ever get the notion that Fathers Day gifts have to be an object? Why can’t they instead be the creating of a memory? Pool your finances, go shopping, and create a spectacular picnic with lots of fun nibbly foods. You’ll want a thermos of hot water for a cup of tea or coffee, bring juice for the kids, and pack all of his favourite snacks. Choose a park that’s not too far away, but not one you go to all the time, and take your Dad there for a fantastic Fathers Day outing. Enjoy a stroll around the park, play a game of frisbee, and then settle down for a relaxing afternoon tea on the grounds. Don’t forget to take the camera!

3. Say Something:

If you do want to give your Dad something, make it meaningful. Often people receive love by spoken or written words; your Dad might be one of those people! Try it out and see. Write a poem, give a speech, or if you’re musical, write or sing a song for him. Weave in special memories of times spent together, special qualities you admire in your Dad, and reasons you’re grateful for him. Read it out at your family gathering when you give the Fathers Day gifts, or write it in a card for him. If that sounds too complicated, make a card for him and include an acrostic using the letters of his name to describe who he is to you. The extra thought and meaningful touch you add will make this a memorable Fathers Day gift for him. And while you’re saying something, don’t forget to include those three special words, “I love you”.

So don’t just go out and buy a block of chocolate for your next Fathers Day gifts; make it meaningful. Create something, go somewhere, or say something. Put a little bit of extra time and effort, and make this Fathers Day a treasured memory for you and everyone else in the family.