3 Ultra-Conditioning Krav Maga Training Drills

Any good Krav Maga gym should start the class off with a solid warm up. This is generally a combination of cardio and smart drills to engage a little previous training. In one of beginner classes several years ago, the instructor had us run around the gym floor and try to tap each other’s heads, knees, backs, etc. Quickly we reverted to our 360-defense training while we ran around, exhausting ourselves, and preparing for our stretches, then technique drills. Depending on your studio, you may not be doing the all the Krav Maga training drills that you could be, or perhaps they don’t run any at all. Here are a few ultra-conditioning Krav Maga drills to better hone your technique.

1. 360-Defense
This is the signature blocking/counter-attack platform of the Krav Maga defense system. Take a look at YouTube for a visual demonstration, however this 360-Defense needs to be practiced with a partner-know that upfront. The better your reaction time with the 360-Defense, the better your Krav Maga skills are going to be. Most of the time, your counter-attack comes after a successful block.

2. Push-up/Attack Interval Drills
This is a classic Krav Maga drill that has several variations. Basically, you stand in front of a punching bag and go all out on it for 30 seconds. Kicks, elbows, punches,hammer fists, everything you got. Then, after those 30 seconds are up, you drop down and do 5 push-ups before popping back up and doing it again. After 3-4 minutes of that, you will be properly exhausted.

3. Blind Counter-Attack Drills
This drill is great for training your reaction times and teaching yourself to remain calm under an attack. Using Krav Maga counter-attacks for chokes, pushes, headlocks, whatever you know, stand with your eyes closed and allow your fellow Krav peers to stand around you in a circle, taking turns delivering whichever attack they please. Once you feel the threat, you may open your eyes and react using your Krav Maga techniques.

These drills are some of the most fundamental Krav Maga drills out there, but are important nonetheless. Without a solid 360-defense, you won’t develop reliable blocks off which to build effective counter-attacks. Interval drills are great for cardio, which you’ll want if you are being attacked by more than one person. Most people don’t survive a fight against multiple attackers because they get exhausted, you can change this around by fighting smarter and training better. Lastly, don’t forget that attacks can come from anywhere when you least expect it, so train for those situations with blind counter-attack drills, so you are more likely to perform your Krav Maga techniques successfully in the field.