3 Top Picks to Preserve Cannes Magic This Year

COMMENTARY | The Cannes Film Festival lineup was announced this week, and it includes a powerhouse set of films. This year’s event will take place from the May 11-22. This will be the 64th annual occurrence of the cinema festival, and it does not seem ready to start disappointing.

The celebration has roots all the way back to 1932, when Vienna held the first international film competition. Cannes has a long history of presenting groundbreaking, controversial, and excellent content to the cinema world. This year looks exciting as always. The following is a list of films I am particularly looking forward to.

“The Beaver,” Comedy/Drama, PG-13

Directed by Jodie Foster, this actress has been one of my favorites since “Silence of the Lambs.” Her performance nearly blew my socks off then, and I expect her to do the same in this directorial endeavor. As if she needed any help to make things more attractive than her talents and resume, Mel Gibson stars in the film.

Gibson plays a severely depressed man who becomes unable to communicate unless he does so through a hand puppet named “the beaver.” Foster plays opposite Gibson as his wife, who has told him he must move out. The puppet does great things, but not all good comes from it.

“Midnight In Paris,” Comedy/Romance, PG-13

This Woody Allen film stars an elaborate list of some of my favorite film stars. Rachel McAdams (“Wedding Crashers,” “The Notebook”), Owen Wilson (“Wedding Crashers;” “You, Me, and Dupree”) and Adrian Brody (“The Thin Red Line,” “King Kong”) lead a dynamic cast filled with versatility and presenting a rare chemistry.

The movie is about a family that must travel to the capital of France for business and are forced to confront the possibility that a life better than their own is available. Is it an illusion or reality?

“The Skin I Live In,” Drama (Spanish language) Drama/Thriller (Rating Unavailable)

Directed by Spain’s most internationally known and controversial director, Pedro Almodovar, this film carries a cast of Spanish-speakers as renowned as the English-speakers “Midnight In Paris.” The group is headlined by Antonio Banderas, but also includes talents like Elena Anaya, Marisa Paredes, and Blanca Suarez.

The movie is based on the novel “Mygale” by Thierry Jonquet and tells the revenge story of a plastic surgeon who is out to catch the men who raped his daughter.

“The Skin I Live In” is possibly the most terrifying flick on the ticket and Banderas is great as the mad father.

The Cannes has been a cinematic extravaganza for more than 80 years and I look forward to it more and more as its time to shine comes along.