3 Tips to Keep Your Email Organized

Keeping your email organized is important, especially if you use it as a primary means of communication or as a part of your business, such as with freelance writing.

When you have multiple emails coming in every day, you need to make sure that they are organized and that they don’t pile up. You don’t want to overlook an email from your sister or a client, because it got lost in a sea of unread emails.

Learn to keep your email organized with these organization tips, and you won’t have to worry about those things again.

Check Your Email Every Day
Don’t let your email pile up in the first place. Make sure you check it every day, and sort through your emails. If you do this, you won’t have to worry about trying to sort through a week’s worth of emails. The more emails there are, the less likely you are to take the time to organize them.

If you get a lot of emails, you want to check your email more often. By only having to look at a few emails at a time, you break a daunting task up into segments of a few minutes, which makes it easier to concentrate and more likely that you will actually keep your email organized.

Delete Emails You Don’t Want
Junk mail is inevitable, and there are lots of irrelevant emails. Go through these and check on them to delete them before you even start reading your emails. If you delete the unwanted emails, you can just click through the ones you want to read at your leisure.

Simply go through and click the check box next to the emails that you know you have no desire to read, and then delete them. You won’t have to worry about sorting them or even clicking through them to read the emails you want to read if you simply get rid of them.

Utilize the Folders Option
Folders are infinitely useful in organization, digital or otherwise. Create folders for emails from so-and-so and from this website and that. I personally like to do mine by name. For instance, my mother has her own folder, my sister has her own folder, my boyfriend has his own folder, my girl friend has her own folder, etc.

I also have folders to organize emails from websites. The Yahoo! Contributor Network has its own folder, and all of the emails they send me go in that folder. That way, I can check the email notifications that my favorite authors have published when I have time to read their articles instead of reading the email notification and forgetting about their work.

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