3 Tips for Staying Productive when Working from Home

So you’ve decided that self-employment and working from home is the way to go. Or maybe your boss decided that you would be more productive working from home. Whatever the case may be, working from home is not the walk in the park that many imagine and here are three tips to stay productive.

Change Out Of Your Sleeping Clothes

This tip might seem a little silly since one of the benefits of working from home is the freedom to wear whatever you want. But for most, being unproductive isn’t a matter of skill, but more of dedication. Without a boss around, many will find themselves unmotivated to finish their work right away and put it off instead. Sleeping clothes remind and encourage one to turn on the TV instead of finishing their work on time.

A simple way of resolving that problem is by changing out of sleeping clothes. It doesn’t have to be very formal, but at least when your FedEx guy rings your doorbell, you won’t be too embarrassed to answer either.

Get Rid Of Distractions, Including T.V.

This one is more obvious, but still something that is worth saying. Being at home means you get to enjoy benefits like taking a lunch break whenever you feel hungry, but it also means it’s easy to get distracted. It’s so easy to just reach over and turn on the TV or check Facebook, but if you want to stay productive and prove that working from home is a viable alternative, then there needs to be a strict schedule. No distractions should be allowed while working.

There are browser add-ons that limit the amount of time that can be spent on a site (like Facebook) during working hours and if you find yourself being distracted too often, then maybe those need to be looked into. If possible, have someone else hold onto the TV remote or hide it upstairs until you’re done.

Make A List Of Things To Do

Now that you’ve changed out of your sleeping clothes and blocked Facebook games, you’re ready to work. But where do you start? Working from home gives you a lot of flexibility as to what you work on and when to. The best advice is to work in a way that’s most comfortable and productive for you. After all, wasn’t that the point of working from home in the first place?

Start each workday by making a list of things you need to accomplish for that day and estimate how much time each task will take. Make a timetable that shows what you have to accomplish by what time. Set apart some time for lunch and rest breaks. Make sure to accomplish all the tasks you set for yourself by the given times or else you might find yourself struggling to keep up with all the work. Reward yourself with breaks if you finish ahead of time, but stick to the schedule as best you can.

Working from home has its advantages, but something to remember is that it’s still work. That means consequences still exist if you fail to finish all your work on time. If you’re self-employed, you might find your business struggling. If you’re working from home because your employer decided that would be best, then remember that you’re still held accountable for the work assigned to you. The most important thing is to stay productive when working from home and these three tips are ways to help you maintain that productivity.