3 Things that Men Have a Hard Time Saying

We men are notorious for being hard headed and stubborn. There are just somethings that men have a hard time saying. It could be because of our evolution and nature of our being. Not all men have a hard time saying these three things, but a good majority of us do. I used to have a hard time saying these three things, and I admit it takes daily practice to better ourselves. In fact, it takes practice for anyone to better themselves. So what are these three things? Let me tell you.

1. I’m sorry. This is probably one of the biggest things right here. We men just have a hard time saying sorry. Saying sorry is to admit being wrong, and we guys hate being wrong. We hate losing fights, and we’d like to think we know everything. It takes practice for a guy to say sorry and admit when he was wrong. It takes even more practice if he thinks he’s right and still says, “sorry I was wrong.” We know you women can be stubborn too!

2. I need help. Guys like to think that they don’t need help. We can lift that six hundred pound desk all by ourselves! Some guys think if they need help, that means they are too weak to do something themselves. All they hear themselves say is, “I’m weak.” We all know that’s not necessarily the case, but what guy wants to be weak? Isn’t that the reason we dish out a year’s membership to our local fitness gym? Also, every guy likes to think they know everything. If we can’t solve a problem on our own, then that means we don’t know everything that we should.

3. You’re right. I know this one coincides with point number one, but saying this phrase specifically for a guy is hard. It’s one thing to say sorry, and then also follow up with, “you’re right.” It all ties in with needing to feel like we know a lot and we shouldn’t be wrong about a subject. This is especially hard with relationships. To say to one of our friends that he’s right is one thing. To say to our wife, or girlfriend, “you’re right.” is completely different. It’s a battle of the sexes thing. After having a long hard fight in an argument about who’s turn it was to wash dishes, and then look at the calendar to find out that she was right along, takes a blow to our egos. It almost wants to make us rearrange the whole calendar to show that we were right all along! Of course this is just a silly example, but it gets this point across. Most guys would just have to suck it up, and then say sorry, but we don’t want to give the pleasure of also saying, “you were right this whole time.”

It takes practice for anyone to change something about themselves that they don’t like. That goes for both men and women. For guys, when it comes to something that effects our egos, it could take a little bit more practice.