3 Things Every New Mom Needs

I was just like every other brand-new mother out there: sleepless, living in a hormonal haze, grateful for every uninterrupted twenty minutes of sleep or peace. I found these three products to be extraordinarily helpful, and would heartily recommend them to any new mother. I have to wonder how mothers of the past survived without these three!

First and foremost, I recommend the Boppy. Whether you are giving nursing a try or not, it is a pillow of near-endless utility. While I was nursing, it was so helpful for keeping my hands free to hold my daughter’s head and make adjustments. My daughter napped on my lap, lying on the Boppy, every day for her first eight months. And on airplanes it was a lifesaver, it made her so comfortable for our long trip to Europe. And it’s not just a great pillow, but it’s very practical to keep it clean. The covers zip off and are washable, and I spot cleaned the pillow myself when necessary. Not to mention the cute and great variety of covers! These days my daughter likes to play on her Boppy, or lay her head on it, and I plan to use it as an extra pillow on her bed next year.

Secondly, and most fashionably, may I suggest Babylegs. These baby leg warms aren’t just the cutest baby accessory on the market, they make diaper changing so much easier. I can’t tell you how many compliments I got on my daughter’s many pairs, and as she’s grown, they’ve stayed useful. When she was learning to walk, pant legs just tripped her up, so I kept her in Babylegs for about a month solid! And during all those crawling hours, they prevent rug burn on tender knees. They come in a very wide variety of styles for boys and girls, and are made of a stretchy material that wears and washes well. I am keeping all of my daughter’s pairs because they will make great legwarmers throughout her childhood!

Last is the Halo Sleepsack. I wish we’d gotten my daughter one of these right away – they’re a great solution for babies who don’t care for being swaddled, but still need to be warm in their cribs. I found mine particularly useful when my daughter was learning to crawl, as she was waking herself up by crawling around her crib. The sleep sack restricted her movements enough that she started sleeping for longer stretches, and we all know how important that is! Also sleep sacks are important in helping your baby sleep on his back, which has a hand in preventing SIDS. They also come in a variety of colors, sizes, and material weights, are machine washable, and zip from top to bottom to prevent zipper catches.

Armed with a Boppy, Babylegs, and a Halo Sleepsack, any new mom will be sleeping more and feeling happier – and her new baby will be fashionable and comfy.