3 Steps to a Smoother PCS Move

Each Permanent Change of Station (PCS) move comes with its own issues and stresses. But by taking the right initial steps in the right direction, you will enjoy a smoother PCS move.

Start Off by Attending a Smooth Move Briefing

Smooth move (or similar styled) briefings can help you access relevant military agencies that you will need before, during and after your PCS move. Even if this is your tenth PCS move and you are an old hand at moving across the country or world, you can still benefit from attending a smooth move briefing, where you will learn about billeting arrangements and entitlements, legal claims, financial management and more.

If your personal circumstances have changed since your last PCS move, you can also learn about how those changes will impact your upcoming move. For example, if you are now married or have welcomed a new baby into your family, you will want to know about the services available for your new family members.

Learn About Your Gaining Military Installation

Once you have attended a PCS briefing, you should research your gaining military installation to learn more about what to expect when you arrive. Air Force personnel should download the latest copy of the SITES booklet that deals with the next base they will be going to. The SITES database is updated regularly, so the information you download should be accurate and up to date.

Make good use of the SITES booklet, as this will tell you all you need to know about the gaining military installation, such as shopping and recreation facilities, information on local schools, and other important information on the local community.

Make Use of the Loan Closet

Once your hold and household items have been picked up by the removal vans, you will still need basics such as cutlery, crockery, toasters, sleeping futons, pots, pans and other necessities until you move into billeting.

You will need to present a copy of your PCS orders when you stop by the loan closet before you are issued with supplies and sign off on the loan, including an agreement to return the supplies before you move, so that other families can also benefit from the items.

PCS moves create a lot of extra work for military personnel, and their accompanying family members. But your PCS move will be a lot smoother if you follow three basic initial steps. Start off by attending a PCS briefing, followed by learning more about the gaining military installation. The loan closet can also help make life easier once your household goods have been packed and shipped.