3 Steps in Custom Catalog Printing Using Desktop Computer

There are lots of designs of catalog available online. But if you want to do your own design, you can do custom catalog printing using your own desktop computer. This can help you promote your business, products, services, and other offers of your business using your own creativity. High-end equipments or complicated software is not needed to do this, just a simple computer programs like Microsoft Office or Publisher or Adobe Photoshop plus a printer will do.

Doing custom catalog printing is not that hard to do. May you be a beginner who has not experienced doing a catalog or designing and printing any promotional material, you can still manage to do this and you will definitely enjoy doing your own design. Time, effort, and creativity is just what you need to make your project a successful one.

There are three steps in doing custom catalog printing but you have to have materials such as paper, ink, computer, and printer first. Also, you need to have the information that you want to include in the catalog as well as the photos if you want to. Photos can be the products that you are going to promote. Photos of the products must also go together with their corresponding descriptions.

Description may be brief but it must be catchy for the readers to be interested with your products. Including a good title and introduction is a good idea too.

After preparing all the necessities, you can now follow the steps and start using your creativity.

  1. Do the template design

    Using the software that you want to use, open a blank page. Do you own design by allotting areas for the title of the catalog, introduction, table of contents, photos, products and services, and any other information that you want to include in the catalog. In designing, be sure that there is consistency so that it will still look formal. In choosing colors, use only 3 main colors. This is also one way of showing consistency. Other colors can be used but use it just to do have an accent for the primary colors and make sure that you will use it minimally. Arrows, borders and some shapes and lines can also be used if needed.

  2. Include the important contents

    After designing the template, the next and probably the most important step in custom catalog printing is by adding the important information. It can be the title, the name of the products, the photos with its description, the pricing of each product, the mode of payments, and the contact information or location that the target customer may call or go in case they are interested. Table of contents may also be included for easier use of the catalog.

  3. Print and Double-Check

    Before the massive production of the catalog, make sure that you have printed one copy first and take time to review each page. Proofread the texts to make sure that there are no errors in grammar, spelling and contact information. Custom catalog test printing must also be done to make sure that the format of the catalog is good when printed. It also includes the checking of colors, borders, and framing used.

Custom catalog printing is now necessary in order to widen the reach of your business. Also, it is important since it can maximize the potential of your business earning and it can greatly help you in getting more customers. Informing the people around you about your business and your products by using your own hands is one of the best ways to gain as much customer as you want.