3 Signs You Need to End Your Relationship

Whether you and your significant other have been dating for a few weeks, few months, or several years, not every relationship is going to last forever. While every relationship has its ups and downs, there are definite factors that could prove that you need to end it completely. Before you make the decision to end it, you need to make sure that it really need to be ended, otherwise you could just be ending something that could’ve easily been fixed or could’ve brought you a lot more happiness in the future. By following these tips and factors, you can start to get a better idea of whether or not your relationship should continue to last.

You’re Being Abused

If you are being physically or emotionally abused, you need to end the relationship. If your partner often or even occasionally hits you or harms you in any way purposefully, you are in danger and your relationship is not healthy. If someone is physically abusive or an emotional bully, they are not going to improve. If anything, they are probably going to get worse the longer that you are together. If you are afraid that they will harm you if you end the relationship, get some help and get yourself out of the situation as soon as you can. Otherwise you could be setting yourself up for something much worse.

You’ve Been Cheated On

If you find out that your partner has cheated on you, this is another major sign that your relationship should end. They may promise you that it won’t happen again, but usually if it happens once, it will happen again. Especially if you’ve been dating for a longer time, if you’ve been cheated on your partner does not respect you and isn’t being loyal.

You Don’t Love Them

People can fall out of love. If you’ve lost the spark, or you don’t want to be around your partner anymore, or you seem to only be able to focus on their faults and not their talents, you may not love them anymore. Don’t try to force yourself to love them again, because you will just harm them by making them believe something that is not true. Before you break up with them for this reason, make sure that you truly do not love them anymore. It could be that you are just getting used to the other person.

All of these reasons are major factors and reasons that people break up. If you are having doubts about your relationship, imagine yourself in the future and think to yourself if you see your partner in it with you. Before breaking up, talk to a friend or relative and get their ideas as well. Their advice could help you out a lot when making the decision.