3 Reasons Why Moose Jaw in Saskatchewan Should Be on Your Travel Bucket List

Every populated area across the United States and Canada has its own unique story to tell and Moose Jaw is no exception. Once a robust Indian fur trading settlement in Saskatchewan, the Canadian city went on to become the alleged playground of gangsters, gamblers, bootleggers, prostitutes and Chinese immigrants all seeking to eke out a living during the hard scramble days of prohibition. Precious little remains of those days, but what does remain has been enamoring locals and tourists alike. Want to know more? Here are three reasons why a visit to Moose Jaw should be on your travel bucket list.

Reason One: Moose Jaw Tunnels

For those brave enough to descend underground into the utility tunnels of Moose Jaw awaits an up close and theatrical look at the city’s once seamy underbelly. The tunnels are a place fraught with tales of unsuspecting traders being shanghaied and gun toting gangsters running amok. Adventurous souls who wish to learn more about the history surrounding this dark place may opt to take the Passage to Fortune tour, the Chicago Connection tour or both.

Each tour has its own distinct charm and subject matter. The Passage to Fortune Tour focuses on Chinese immigration whereas the Chicago Connection delves into the city’s gangsters and stories about the local’s alleged run ins with the notorious Alfonso Capone.

As of 2011 admission to the Moose Jaw Tunnels is $14 per adult for a single tour or $23 for a combo. There are discounted admission prices for seniors, children and groups.

Tunnels of Moose Jaw
18 Main Street North
Moose Jaw, SK S6H 3J6

Reason Two: Capone’s Hideaway Motel

Within walking distance of the Moose Jaw Tunnels is the theme motel known as Capone’s Hideaway. An antique car suspended over the motel’s sign leads the way to a good night’s rest amidst gangster themed decor. Overnight accommodations start at $59 per night, double occupancy and each room comes with a refrigerator and microwave for your convenience.

Capone’s Hideaway Motel
1 Main Street North
Moose Jaw, SK S6H 0V8

Reason Three: Casino Moose Jaw

Just a Tommy gun’s bullet away from Capone’s Hideaway is another popular spot, the Casino Moose Jaw. With a Roaring Twenties theme, on-site theater, over 200 slots, gaming tables and a payout rate of 85%, it makes an untouchable addition to any gangster themed vacation.

The minimum betting amount on the slots starts at a penny and the table game offerings, though modest, include blackjack, craps, double roulette and three card poker.

Casino Moose Jaw
21 Fairford Street East
Moose Jaw, SK S6H 0C8

Additional Information

Those interested in learning more about planning a vacation in Moose Jaw should contact the Tourism Moose Jaw Visitors Center by calling 306-693-8097