3 Reasons that Cosmopolitan is the Worst Women’s Magazine EVER

Many women’s magazine have a poor reputation and are the reason of many negative female stereotypes. But how can we get around this when advice magazines are telling us to not trust our friends and boyfriends, to wreak possibly illegal forms of revenge, and enough overuse of Photoshop to make future generation believe that twentieth century women were anemic, giant-headed cartoons. But, no, this isn’t all women’s magazines, just one: Cosmo . Cosmopolitan is the least hospitable magazine for women since Redbook in 1960. Why? Three reason s :

1. More focus on men than women.

If you go on to Cosmo ‘s website and search for “Men”, you will (as of this printing) find 1,708 articles. Search “Women”, and you will get 1,234 articles. Almost 500 less. Coincidence? “Penis”: 234 articles; “Vagina”: 111; “Guys”: 1411; “Girls”: 1403.Glamour , in comparison, has 1,347 instances of “Men” and 2,561 of “Women”, 42 of “Penis” and 52 of “Vagina”, and 8,024 of “Girls” and 4,684 of “Guys”. Reading the magazine, it seems as if every article is about how to sexually satisfy your man. How to keep your man. How to know this or that about your man. Are women really so obsessed with the opposite sex? Not even just sex, but men. But for all of their focus on men, you would think that they would have them figured out by now.

2. Terrible relationship advice.

However, their advice on dealing with men is ridiculous. Cosmo ‘s requirements for a guy? He must be “Sunny”, “Open to Changing for You”, and be “A Little Mysterious”. All of which, are idealistic and silly, but watch out if he ever does become mysterious, because Cosmo has more than enough advice for you. “Mysterious”, but he can’t ever want more sex, be detail oriented, groom himself, or be thirsty when he is talking to you, and certain unconscious body movements may mean that he is cheating on you including wrapping his ankle around the leg of a chair or rubbing his upper lip. There are more signs that he is cheating on you than known body movements or personality traits. Taking this kind of advice would make a woman become overly suspicious, which is poisonous to a relationship, not to mention that being so saturated with that one idea could convince a woman that her boyfriend must be cheating on her. And god help you if she suspects you of that. Cosmo promotes revenge techniques, particularly in the article “Ten Things to do if You Think Your Man is Cheating” which lists some tactics that could land her in jail. The list includes theft, property damage, poisoning, and assault all under the guise that it’s justified if she even just thinks that he has cheated on her.

3. Promoting hatred of fellow females.

I remember the moment that I realized that Cosmo wasn’t worth my effort, when I read an article that your best friend could steal your boyfriend at any moment. Looking up “friend” or “best friend” on their website will find more articles that are suspicious of your friends or prefers to use the word “frenemy”. Cosmo seems to promote more envy towards friends than love of them when a women’s magazine should do the opposite.