3 Reasons Tablet Computers Are Here to Stay

Let’s be real. Tablet computers are never going to replace PCs. A tablet computer is basically the love child of a PC and a smart phone. Tablets contain the best of both worlds, but will never be a full replacement for either.

I do see tablets sticking around and here are three compelling reasons why.

Size Matters, Especially to the Ladies

Weighing in under four pounds, the tablet computer is a handy machine to tote around. Whether you are headed out the door or just going to the couch, a tablet computer is easy to bring with you.

Tablets have a huge advantage over laptops in the portability department. You can easily stash a tablet in your purse, whereas a laptop requires an additional bag. This is a big plus for working mothers especially.

When I go out I need to make sure I have one hand free for my child while ensuring that I have enough snacks, toys, and entertainment in my purse. A tablet allows me to bring along my work and entertainment for the whole family without taking up too much space in my bag.

Apple Made Tablets Trendy

Before Apple released the iPad, tablet computer was not in the vocabulary of my non-techie friends. Whether you love or hate Apple, you have to admit they are good at being trendy. The iPad has introduced tablet computers to the masses.

Apple not only raised awareness of tablet computers, it sparked the much needed technology competition. We can be sure that Apple’s competitors will be investing a lot to try and beat the iPad. I expect we will be seeing a lot more Android tablets on the market soon. This is great news for consumers, who benefit from this type of competition.

History Sides With the Tablet Computer

Sure, there are plenty of gadgets that have failed to catch on over the years. History does show us that smaller is better for the most part. My first MP3 player could play eight songs and was almost the size of a deck of cards. Over the years MP3 players have gotten smaller while expanding their capabilities.

MP3 players will never be able to replace a full stereo system, but they are not meant to. The same is true with tablet computers. They are not a full replacement for a PC but over the years they have gotten smaller, faster, and more popular.

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